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May 12, 2006



It's all just wonderful, Alison!


Wow, really gorgeous work, all of it!! I wish I'd had such a crafty friend when my wee ones were born!


Oh so completely wonderful! You are definitely allowed to say that it is beautifully sewn!!


Wow! I am impressed. The jumper story had me laughing with running out and doubling up - done that myself. And that little kimono top in that fabric - gorgeous. I have noticed that somehow manufacturers think the skater look is appropriate for a new born. I have an idea for your next baby project - matching mother/child outfits so that you can both go out together to something like, hmmm, I know, the Logies. Only saw the pictures in the paper of the not so smart Hewitt family, but oh my!


Yes, you're allowed to say your own stuff is lovely. I mean what better compliment than to receive something from someone who would want it themselves. (Wait, does that make sense? I hope so. :0))
Anyways, I, too, think the sweater and jumper are lovely works of craftmanship.
I hope you are doing well. Piles are good things, in my opinion. There's semi-organization involved. Also, sometimes I click on a link in one of your posts, but the link is dead, as was the case today with Cari's link. Maybe there's something wrong with my internet connection?
Okay, sorry long post. Hope you have a good day.


Your fantastic work has given me a sudden desire to become a seamstress! :-) Love how it appears simple and beautiful. Good work!


just beautiful Alison!


good job! you SHOULD be proud of yourself!


Oh, that sweater! And the shirt! TOO CUTE!

erin scissorhands

wow! those clothes are ADORABLE! i love that dear little sweater with the buttons! everything looks great.


So, so lovely. You've got great style.




absolutely gorgeous work!! all lovely...


That is a wonderful blogger gesture!


quite simply divine can't wait to see what you come up with for petite 6.5...


Absolutely gorgeous alison ! cari's baby is a lucky boy :o)
have a wonderful Mom's Day !


Super lovely. Gorgeous. Ever since I saw those pants you made a while ago, I've been dreaming of these for Binx. He's getting almost too big to wear them, and I'm going to try to wing the pattern using a slightly different one I have. They are so inspiring. And the sweater you made is delicious, and quite an accomplishment.


those outfits are beautiful. I love classic baby clothes like these. such a good idea to add the buttons to the sweater--putting them over the head of a babe can be very difficult. Everything looks wonderful. I can't wait to see the other things you make for your baby. Where is the kimono pattern from?


Simply gorgeous.


Hi, just discovered your blog, so haven't read much yet, but so far, v.v. stylish. Will definitely read more. I followed link to Japanese pattern book, and it took me to Japanese Amazon, funnily enough all in Japanese! Do you have the translated title and authors?? I'm REALLY keen to get hold of a copy. Thanks!


That is the most gorgeous bebe set ever! I am such a fan of your blog/your craftiness. Very inspiring (thanks!).

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