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May 09, 2006



Speaking of cats, I was in Spotlight today and saw some gorgeous cat print fabric. Why don't I see any of that in your stash??


I love prints charming. Can you believe I drove through Lilyfield on Sat, but didn't have their address with me. Torture! So had to just be satisfied with Balmain markets. Bought a nice fabric necklace I might put up on the blog.
I am in love with your pin cushion.


oh, cats. they are hard to photograph unless they are sleeping. mine are destroying the house at the moment. i bought some stuff from kittycraft last week and can't wait for it to come. your photos are always such eye candy!

Dacia Ray

I got sucked in to the KittyCraft fabrics, too. They are just too cute to pass up. You always have such gorgeous fabrics and color palettes, so thanks for sharing your sources. ;) My cat will not get out of photos. Anytime she sees me with the camera out, she immediately gets up in the lens or tries to insert herself into the scenery. I have so many pics with a kitty part or her posing in the background!


That shop sounds like such a find! I'm glad you are having fun with your piles. Petite 6.5 version two is going to be here in no time. Too exciting!


you do spoil us, don't you?!? were tremendously excited, and i think Brynne is planning on staying in pajamas for as long as she can! so exciting....


Oh, I am so going to that shop! Thanks, Alison.


Oh thankyou thankyou thankyou! I saw some of their fabric at a craft show, and stupid me didn't buy any. Then I couldn't think which stall it was from and went off on a wild goose chase in to the city (Brisbane) after it with no luck. I was hoping some blogger would serendipitously lead me in the right direction! A pity they don't seem to have any QLD stockists though...
And that fabric with the blue circles, I couldn't read the rest of the post properly because I just kept looking back at it.


i too stopped at kitty-craft. i love the junko onishi fabric.


Thanks for the tip about Prints Charming - always good to know about Aussie-made fabrics! (Thought you might also want to update the link to Prints Charming that you included in your post as it's not working :-))


I've rechecked the link, and reposted it so it should work now.


Hello. I may have commented before, but I don't remember.
I'm a great fan of your site and have constantly, quietly admired all the beautiful fabric that appears on your blog. "Prints Charming" is one shop I will rush to as soon as I can! Thank you for the info.


Beautiful, beautiful fabric. Prints Charming sounds absolutely blissful, I will look them up as soon as I can. Did I mention that was beautiful fabric?


Just saw your sweater for Thumper on Cari's blog. Goodness -- it's perfect! Did you follow a pattern or sort of make it up? Any advice would be welcome -- meanwhile, my heartiest congratulations to you!


It seems strange to say this but your piles are in my dreams!


Hi, this is a random question, but can you tell me if your fabrics from kitty craft came in normal widths? There is a great one I am admiring on kitty craft.. I need one that is 44" wide, but the FAQ seems to indicate that their fabrics are narrower. Was this the case with the ones you got?

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