March 28, 2006



Yes. Definitely yes. And it must have your own photos in it. Hope you go through with it, and good luck.


I think the book is a fabulous idea although a lot of work with a new baby and a toddler, just something to think about but who am i to talk, i just opened a bar!! Love the fabrics you've chosen for the quilt, i feel the need to go sew now, is 11pm too late?


I would buy the book!

I am currently in the middle of a log cabin baby quilt. It is lots of fun, but very tedious. It might get to the baby by the time he is a year old! Just kidding, I am loving making it. You can add so many fabrics, and it is busy and bright and wonderful! So my vote is for the log cabin!


It makes me very happy to see that you are feeling well enough to post more often...I missed so much reading your stories and looking at your amazing work and images. Which leads me to the answer to your question, YES, YES, YES do the book! I would absolutely love to see more of 6.5 sts. all compiled in a beautiful book!!!!

About the quilt, I had never seen a log cabin quilt, just the pillows (then again, I'm not very knowledgeable about quilting) but it looks gorgeous and so fun! It looks like the design that would give you the most enjoyment to play around with lots and lots of fabrics.

There, I gave you my two cents. =)


Of course, YES! There are not a lot of bloggers who I feel could make the transition from blog to book and have the same impact that you could. You are one of the kindest, most generous, and eloquent people I have "met" on the internet. I would be first in line for a signed copy!

I also vote for a log cabin! They are one of my favorites.

The yarn you sent me also arrived yesterday! It's GORGEOUS! Thank you SO much again! I can't wait to do something with it!


Yes, do it. It would be a brilliant book. (And don't forget you still get to selectively share and edit and...um...embellish. You'd only be presenting the Alison you choose to present.)

Jenny B

Firstly.... the quilt. I vote for pattern number 1. Adore the knitted square which acts as a pillow. Somewhat less fidly with not so much cutting/piecing but with an amazing effect.
Secondly... love the idea of turning your blog into a book. Yours is the only blog I read religiously. Your crafting is impeccable and ideas are inspiring.
Hope that vote of confidence helps in your decision!


I love the fabric you have selected for the baby quilt. I'm a big fan of Lisa's log cabin pillows, so of course I would love to see a log cabin baby quilt. And YES on the book idea, how wonderful!


I turned down three different book offers last year. For me, I think I had a lot of fears about opening up myself so much and having so much exposure. I also worried that I would not have enough control over the final "look" of things (I'm a bit of a control-freak). And where would I find the time? I just couldn't quite find the confidence to pursue it.

Now, I only slightly regret it. I am not a terribly ambitious person. I do not enjoy being in the spotlight. I just want to continue to have the opportunity to make things that excite me and share them with others. The blog and shop allow me to do that.

That's my story. I just wanted to be honest. You, however, should totally go for it! Follow your heart.


bookbookbook! also, i really like the first pattern - i dig the asymmetry.


I'd go for number quilt no 1!


with your writing style, keen eye and design sensibility i think your book would be a hit. i hope you go for it!


Hi there,

I'm so glad you're doing this quilt. I've been wanting desperately to make a quilt. I've made them of paper, but never actual fabric and I'm intimidated. But I'm a 30+ year knitter and wondered if and how I could incorporate knitted squares with fabric. I can't wait to see!

I like #1 myself. But log cabin is lovely too.

And I have written a (boring business) book, and I can tell you it is a LOT of work. The detail is stunning. But unlike Stephanie I like being in the spotlight and so I really love having a book out there in the world. Also, the extra income comes in waves and you forget about the royalties and then they come and are such a treat. I have a proposal with a major craft editor right now and am going to do another book if possible. So I say go for it if that sounds like you - detail oriented, patient, and liking having a book "out there."


please write a book! yours is one of the first blogs i read religiously - your blog name and logo keep my faith in good design - your fabric choices and the objects you make inspire me - and your honesty is writing is something i can hope to achieve. i'd pre-pay for the book now!


Those patterns all look great! But since I too have been admiring Lisa's log cabin pillows, and trying to find the courage to attempt one myself, I would love to see how your quilt turns out!
As for the book, I think it's a great idea. It sounds like it would have a little bit of everything in it, so would have really broad appeal. Can't wait to read it!


I love the idea of a book by you. I look at your blog every day. I love the way you combine knitting, quilting and cooking. It all seems so domestic and comfortable to me. I also love the look of your blog, your photographs, the way you put words together. I say go for it if you are leaning in that direction.


i can't wait to see the wrap!
and yes on the book!


I vote for quilt no.1. It looks amazing. And yes, do the book!


Oh, yes, please! Do write that book (and oh, please, do include patterns!)...and I'll try to wait patiently for one of the very first copies!!


I would understand why you would question the timing of writing a book now, with your family life becoming more demanding by the day. That said, I'd buy it! I really enjoy your site.

Elizabeth D

I would buy your book, no question. Just don't get locked into any deadline at the moment. You may have the world's most cooperative baby, but the odds are (as you know) against that. Don't add any pressure. But you could start thinking about it, and daydreaming, right?

And I join the crew who vote for design #1.


Yes, yes, yes!

Quilt #1
Book #1

And rock on!


The freeform quilt and doing the book get my votes. You're in my top three reads--maybe my favorite blogger, actually. You take good photos, have interesting things to say, make beautiful work, have a good sense of color and composition, and you write well. All selling points for me. If not a book, then start a magazine. ;)


Definitely yes - you should go for it. I've no doubt the book would be amazing.

I'm going to go with what appears to be almost consensus too: love design #1. I've been dreaming of a log cabin too (for all my indigo actually), but I think #1 this time.

julia fc

I think number one is the most personal choice.
As for books, the work with your new baby might be overwhelming, but I think you more than have what it would take to make an appealing package. Your eye is impecable, and your writing solid. I'd buy it. Assuming it was available in the states.

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