March 23, 2006



feet up, rest when you can (kinda hard with a toddler about tho) bub will be out and in your arms before you know it (except for maybe in those last couple of weeks that feel like they drag on FOREVER) can't wait to see the wrap, i'm sure it's gorgeous


It always give me a note of satisfaction when my son says something so endearing, it makes all the bad things just melt away. Sounds like your little one has that effect too. Get some rest. We'll still be here!


I hope all is well and you're resting as much as you can. Take good care of yourself.


be kind to yourself, you are "creating" even when you rest and lie down...


i really feel for you. i had a miserable first trimester with my second child. labor and giving birth were a piece of cake compared to those ten weeks when i could barely stand. good news: once i made it into my second trimester i had an incredibly healthy and active remainder of my pregnancy. i lost 10 pounds at the beginning, but ended up gaining 70 (!) after that (and lost it all in the first few months of breastfeeding). hang in there! strong hormones mean a strong pregnancy. your body is taking care of baby...make sure others are taking care of you.

lisa s

oh dear... i'm w/ max.... i wish there was a quick fix we could provide for you.....

take good care!


Ooh, I'm sending you lots of happy, good feeling thoughts. I hope today you are surprised with excellent baked goods, a foot rub and a well-behaved child. All that and your husband should make dinner and clean the house too.
Boy, those are good feeling thoughts. ;)


Hope you are feeling better soon. The fatigue and nausea with #2 was much harder for me too. The pregnancy also seemed to go by much more quickly than #1. Hang in there!


Have you spoken to your doctor about how awful you're feeling? If it's really bad nausea and vomiting, sometimes they can give you something. You shouldn't have to suffer so much! Do try to rest as much as possible. My first pregnancy was just awful for the first 3-4 months but it got much better after that. I hope you get over the bad part soon!


hope you get more rest, i know what you mean-i'm knitting a sweater and only have one sleeve and a half to go but haven't had energy to finish.
i can't wait to see more of your"works of art".
my "soon to be 3" son looks at my tummy and pretends he has a baby in him too =)


The first trimester is the worst! I never had sickness, but I got migraine every night and had to go to bed for the first three months. Take care of yourself, and I hope you feel better starting NOW. ;)


Oh, it's got to be awful feeling like this and having to care for another child. I never had that experience, since I only had one. His little idea was so sweet and innocent!

Do take care of yourself. Poor darlin'.


There's nothing sweeter than kind, innocent words spoken from a wee one! :)


I suffered from severe 'morning' (HA!) sickness that lasted nearly all the way through my second trimester with both my pregnancies. 'Is this your attempt to make me feel better?' you ask. No. It's just to say that other's have trod a similar miserable path as the one you're on right now. I always found that thought...that I wasn't alone and that there were other women out there who understood how much it could suck...somewhat comforting as I was heaving my brains out (the second time around with my two year old holding my hair out of my face for me). This too shall pass. The prize at the end will be precious even if the gestating wasn't.


Feel better soon!


Hope you are feeling chipper soon. Love your blog!


Thank you for sharing the very cute Turkish blog with us! One of my favorite blogs is actually a Turkish cooking blog in English, so you may find some yummy, comforting recipes there:
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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