March 12, 2006



i too did a kimino for my Little Man, from one of the Erika Knight books just because I loved it! He only wore it when he was very young, but as you say too young to worry about it, and it was in a manly navy blue colour. I am always inspired by your quilt making, can't wait to see what you come up with. In fact, I never thought I would want to make a quilt yet here I am thinking about doing one now that we are going to put Little Man into a bed soon. You'd think that maybe I could do something smaller for my first project huh! Only problem is I don't know where to start, I feel a trip to the library might be in order.


The yarn looks beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the knitted garment that show the yarn off knitted - it looks like all the colors in the yarn are of very similar value, and when knitted, they reflect the colors back on each other, emphasizing an individual color when it is up next to itself. Wicked cool.


The summer baby knitting quandry... I'm right there with you. Knitting with (gasp!) cotton, and accepting that he won't be wearing much knitwear at all for the first four months. I've been pleasantly surprised by both Mission Falls 1824 Cotton and KnitPicks Shine. Let me know if you want to try out the Shine and I'll box some up for you. (Though I'll admit that some is set aside to knit a certain something for a certain tiny Australian-in-progress already.)


Beautiful pictures and crafts, as usual!

Darn, is 1 year too old for a kimono thing on a boy? I love them and still have never made one. We're at almost 10 months already. Crud.

Lee Ann

I am so far behind, I didn't congratulate you. Jeez...

Congratulations!!! Woo hoo! I hear you on the "who said this was fun and how can I hunt them down and smack them" sentiment, though...hang in there!


I started my first baby's bumpers months before she was born. I finished three of the sides and put off the fourth. I put if off.......you know, she never even needed the fourth side (the very bottom of the crib). She never moved around much. Now she's 2 1/2, in a big girl bed and her sister is now sleeping with only 3 bumper pads...*sigh* I am a hopeless procrastinator. I even slipcovered the bumpers for baby #2 and I STILL didn't finish them. Good job finishing one project before you start on a new one. Maybe I should actually try that (insert wink)! Anyway, beautiful pictures and so inspiring. .


hi Al, can't believe i missed this momentous news - big congratulations - I have been so caught up in my own new hectic routine that I don't check in on my blog faves as often as i used to. but big BIG congrats your way.


Yeah, I am beginning to like the idea of finish one, start one (ok, maybe 2) as well!

And knitting for babies are always fun! :)


I would make jumpers ranging from lightweight yarn to DK...That way if the baby is a boy, he can wear jumpers for every season. Kimono wraps, I'm not so sure.


wow, the peek looks beautiful! cant wait to see the whole thing. I love the new yarn you're working with, too. I get so excited when the project is almost finished, a) because I can blog about it and b) because I can start a new one!

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