February 26, 2006



I just thought I would let you know, I'm reading you from Berlin Germany!! I love your blog. I can't wait to see that quilt!!!


Happy Birthday to Max, 3 is a great age, hope you get some cooler weather soon, hand sewing in the heat is horrible.


happy birthday max! those cars look very very cool (btw have you seen the adorable knitted cars on the kids page of the new vogue living?) x


"failed miserably as a mother" because you didn't finish a quilt? Stop that! The cars are so cool it hurts!!!

And that yarn by Claudia -- well, I probably don't have to tell you how I feel about those colours! Stunning!


I just started reading your blog. I have been lusting after Claudia yarn and your yarn looks gorgeous! Happy Birthday to your son, my boy turns five on Feb 28th.


Wow That yarn is gorgeous!


Max is adorable and your mothering is admirable I am certain!

Moreover- your style and taste are enviable to be sure :)


Happy Birthday to Max!!!! I'm glad you're back on blogland...I really missed your posts. I can't wait to see Max's quilt! Do you use a frame when you handquilt?


oh, i can't wait to see the socks you make with that gorgeous yarn.


Happy birthday Max! My boy is very envious of those cool cars (actually his mother is!) did you find a distributer in Aust or did you purchase from the States? I, opps I mean fynn, needs them!


i'm reading your blog from foggy san francisco. love the yarn!


Happy birthday to your little man. They are soo precious at that age. I wish they stayed like that. My eldest was a model toddler and the most loving and adorable little guy. Now it is just a battle to get him to clean his room and hugs are "embarrassing".


I hope Max had a great birthday. I'm pleased to see you have some good-tempered, friendly trains - they could teach the Sodor lot a thing or two.

Believe me, Max won't remember that his quilt was a little late. Mine can't even remember what they have to do for homework, let alone what happened around their third birthday! So just take your time and it will be beautiful, I'm sure.

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