January 15, 2006


Sandrine (alias Didine!)

This is absolutely amazing ! I love these hand stitchings !! Can I ask you how you made them ? do you draw a thin line to sew over it and follow your pattern ? (I do'nt know if it's correct in my bad-good english ?!!!) do you add something like special fabric on the back to give the aspect of quilted ???? I love this "fresh" fabric too ! Where do you find it ?!! Thanks soooooo much ! Have a nice sunday ! Smooches from your belgian fan !!


LOVELY!! Nothing nicer than a beautiful handstitch. But I hear you about the time it takes.


It looks beautiful! After making 3 machine stitched quilts, and never a hand-stitched one (not yet) and have such an appreciation for those beautiful little circles of stitches. What a treasure.


Oh, it's wonderful! Keep on soldiering on and finish that sucker, m'dear!


that is just beautiful.

Thanks for the sweet words on my post. I admire your work and crafts(wo)manship so much that I was completely surprised to find that compliment was from you!

I've bee into embroidering circles lately, too. Photos later this week (ha! maybe.) Cheers.


hello. i like your handwork soo much. machine quilts receive many photographs. i get discouraged because i don't think i'll have access to a sewing machine. but seeing your handwork i know that i have access to my own fingers. thank you for such true inspiration.


Clapping hands and squealing, absolutely in love with it. Can you hear me from way over here? Beautiful.


Wow, it's really beautiful and I love the way the thread colours change. Don't give up - it will be a masterpiece.

amy k.

looks flippin' amazing from the peek you have shown us. . .can't wait to see it done and I too, am with you on the hand quilting. that's why I ony hand quilt my really small quilts!;)


I remember this quilt from before and I just love it. It inspired me to think about quilting. I've been interested in quilting for a while, but I've never seen anything that I really liked... until this lovely mod quilt. It's beautiful, lady. Good luck on finishing it in time for the little one's birthday.


This is a really fabulous quilt!! The quilting really makes it.

My sister hand quilted a quilt for me for Christmas and it is beautiful and of course took an age.

I have to finish sewing the squares on my 2nd daughters quilt and then I am going to pay someone to machine quilt the 2 quilts....i would never finish them otherwise.


wow! that is some feat! such beautiful work of love....


That quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I made my first son a quilt when he was born and tied it. He now tells me (at 11 years old) if the house was on fire, or a tornado came, etc, he would just want his quilt. They know how much love is put into the work.

I am sorry about how you have been feeling. I suffer from depression too and I tend to isolate myself too. I hope you get to feeling better.


what beautiful work, so lovely for you both to treasure...


Oh, i'm in love! What a beautiful quilt. I so want to get started on my own quilt but have promised to finish a few other things first. Maybe i could just buy the fabric? ;-)


it is looking so great!


The quilt is fantastic - love the material. I am very impressed with the hand quilting - just the thought of hand quilting makes my fingers bleed.


wow! It is so great! Lucky Max!


You're right, it wouldn't have looked right machine quilted...the hand stitching is absolutely lovely and perfect! I can't wait to see when it's finished!


I'm loving what I can see of it so far!!! I think end of February birthday is a perfect goal!


it's really just too perfect... the colors, the pattern, your beautiful stitches... my (perhaps worthless?) opinion is that this one will be well worth the wait.


Wow! Although I'm sure it took a lot of energy to do, it looks wonderful and I love the energy in the pattern! You have complimented the fabric so perfectly with your quilting! I can't wait to see it finished!


So wonderful to see someone else who is hand quilting. Love the big stitches. Too many people are intimidated by hand quilting because they think it has to be as intricate as the Amish quilts. Great colors.

Lynn in Tucson

Lovely...and thanks for the gentle nudge. My daughter's quilt was pieced in a frenzy in the two weeks before she was born, basted for her second birthday.... Luckily, I made it twin-bed size (she turned three this past Sept.)so she hasn't outgrown it, but I think the size and desire to have it "perfect" are intimidating as well.

Dacia Ray

This is absolutely spectacular! I love love the colored handstitching. It will be well worth it Im sure.

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