December 13, 2005



I love your "charlie jumper" illustration. It's so simple but the linework is exquisite.


I have some Tierra churro/mohair I can show you. It's really a light DK weight, though, not a 4ply. But it is single lpy and roughish and looks very like the Apparel line.


I LOVE peace fleece, and they do make the sport weight version, in nearly the same amount of colours that the 8 ply/worsted comes in. I have made numerous mittens and scarves, from it. Not sure how picky Max is, but it might be hard to find a version of the yarn you are looking for that is not too "scratchy" for a child? Although Peace Fleece does soften up after the first wash or two...


i love Charlie and Lola too, Mia isn't fussed though. A Charlie jumper sounds like a great idea, i look forward to hearing all about the process and seeing the finished piece.


What about these guys - http://www.shetland-wool-brokers.zetnet.co.uk/2plyjump.htm They have a big range of colours. Good luck with it.


how could you not make something for someone that adorable???

I hope you find the right yarn and cant wait to hear about the angora yarn you are using (cause I LOVE Angora :)


How 'bout the Rowan Scottish Tweed - the sunset and lobster are fantastic, dimentional, tweedy colors, they come in 4 ply, and they are fairly soft for new wool -peace fleece might be too scratchy for a little guy.

Cascade Eco+ has wonderful colors in a heavier weight......Or maybe the Rainbow wool at Ozeyarn? I haven't actually seen it - might not be rustic enough, but the colors and the weight are good.


I would suggest Morehouse Merino because I think it's exactly what you want, but I think it wouldn't hold up to the abuse of a kid. There was also a Rowan Tweedy thing (but not the scottish tweed juno suggested) I had that could potentially be good... don't remember what it was though. I'll go looking in the stash if you want.


You might also try Barlett Yarns for a heavier yarn, or Harrisville for a lighter yarn (http://www.harrisville.com/html/yarns.html) - Halcyon Yarns out of Bath, Maine carries both of these. Let me know if you need the Halcyon link or need me to order some for you. Both of those yarns wear like iron. Lots o' colors too!


I, sadly, do not have a yarn recommendation, but wanted to say that we are big fans of Lauren Child and my nephew is obsessed with trains as well - he is having a train themed Christmas, and we found the cutest Thomas "tent" at Target.
Can't wait to see the yarn you choose!


We have been through the train & Thomas stage a few years ago, but we still love Charlie and Lola. The TV program is sweet!
I think that the Charlie jumper is a fantastic idea. I am sorry though that I have no yarn suggestions...


Hi, My name is Mery and I'm a huge fan of your blog and your work. I have a son Tino, his small and his very funny ....(we too love Charlie and Lola...ja, ja). Anyway, how about the Brown Sheep Co. Lamb's pride worsted? http://brownsheep.com/lp.html Is kind of rough looking but it has a bit of mohair in it so is not too rough to the touch, I've made tons of stuff out of it and it really holds up to the life a little boy would give any garment. If you have any trouble finding it online (I don't think you will...but if you do) I would gladly send it to you because my lys carries it on almost every color there is. Hope this helps. -Mery


do you have the book last minute knitted gifts? the yarn for the "child placket-neck pullover" looks like a nice yarn (koigu wool design in kersti merino crepe) the color is lovely in the book - plus it says it's good for babies and young children because it does not itch or shed fibers...


I have some Jamieson and Smith 2 ply jumper yarn in red and orange, I could sent you a little to try it, its a little scratchy but softens when washed.


like Mery, I instantly thought of Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride. Although not hand dyed, it is made by a local company in Nebraska and has that rough quality without being scratchy. Plus, they have the most lovely, vivid cartoon character colors.

my other suggestion would be Manos del Uruguay.

cheers stefanie


Love the idea of a Charlie jumper, style myself on Clarice Bean, but am hopeless on yarn recommendations.

I'm very relieved to hear that the 60th anniversary of Thomas comes when my lot are too old to be asking for all the bits and pieces. However, trains have been replaced with requests for much more expensive kit which are far less charming.


Great idea. I second the Harrisville recommendation, or perhaps something from Schoolhouse Press, like the Highland Wool they carry (http://www.schoolhousepress.com/Wool/Highland_Wool/highland_wool.html)?

Windy City Wendy

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. My son was obsessed with his Thomas trains too. My favorite pictures of him at that time all show him laying on the floor eye level with the tracks watching his trains roll back and forth. He's since moved on to an obsession with Lego sets.

Lee Ann

"You didn't think they were tomatoes, did you, Charlie?" is a catch phrase around here...

or "One of THOSE???"

Can't wait to see how your jumper comes out!


Not sure if this is any help, being a novice knitter and all, but Winterwood where I buy my Steiner style art and craft supplies carries bits and pieces of nice hand dyed knitting wool (they also dye stuff to order for people trying to match something specific). They aren't online yet (are promising to be up in January at www.winterwoodtoys.com), but do mail order by catalogue. Also Sandra who owns and runs the place is a very experienced and helpful crafter so could probably let you know over the phone if she can meet your needs (03) 9873 7013.


have you looked at knitpicks yarn? maybe wool of the andes?
http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/yarn_home.aspx several of my friends and i have used their yarns and have been pleased witht he results.


I think Peace Fleece would be a great choice, but there's also Briggs & Little - Canadian wool similar to Peace Fleece -sweaters I made years & years ago still look great - could never wear it next to the skin, although it softens w/washing & wearing - doesn't really pill & very 'unprocessed'-I think you can buy undyed unwashed wool, some prefer to knit it that way. also CHEAP.

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