October 03, 2005



Poor Max. Poor you. Poor pirate ship going down like that.

Love what you're making - the buttons with the embroidery look great. And the Lotta J fabrics are wonderful. I just keep telling myself I do not need to learn how to work out that website.

Lee Ann

I'm so impressed with your stuff...

And you'd be the perfect question to ask...I have to re-line a leather bomber jacket, and would like to find some cool fabric to use inside. It's for Spiff...right now, the interior cloth is a beige silky stuff with bizarro cartoons printed on it. Hand-drawn people with spiky hair, that kind of thing. I'd like to find something equally cool (if I could find NASA fabric, it would be the top, but if I can find something slightly snarky and yet masculine, that would be good too...)

Got any sources? (like I need another hobby...)

Lee Ann

p.s. kisses from safely far away to poor snuffly kid...and to poor mum!

Lee Ann

I've had no coffee. You are not a question. You are a person whom I wish to ask a question. Sigh...

Good morning from loopy Montréal ;-)


Ooooh, lucky recipient.

Get well soon, Max.


So sorry to hear that little Max is sick again.... so hard on him, but especially hard on mon! Certainly looks as if you've been incredible busy on the craft front - unfortunately I have not had the same luck. Hopefully some crafting time will come my way soon. Big hugs to Max and hope he's back up again soon!

lisa s

i'm sorry to hear about such an icky sounding sickness! poor max!

on the other hand.... your back-tak partner is the luckiest person EVER! i'm speechless!!


oh, what gorgeous goods! it's sad to have a sick kiddo, but on the other hand? you certainly made good use of your time! get well, max!


Oh my gosh, I love what you've got going on here!! Can't wait to see the finished product! Hope Max feels better soon :)


This looks lovely!
I love the brown and olive eliptical fabric. Where did you get it? Or do you know the manufacturer?

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