September 01, 2005



Wow! It already looks incredible! I had to double take because I couldn't believe how fast you put it together. The colors and piecing look great. I made quilts for both of my kids while I was pregnant (and half a sweater for the first that still languishes in a bag!)abd I know what you mean about connecting. It really looks beautiful!


wow it is coming together quick! those fabrics are so beautiful - its lovely to see quilts in funky fabrics rather than bears and boring stuff usually associated with quilting. it's nice to see quilting growing out of it's mummsy image finally! might even tempt me to *gasp* try one (sewing and me usually do not see eye to eye)


It's looking fabulous! Now, do you think i should add quilting to my already mamouth list of things i want to try? Hmmmm


gorgeous brilliant... wishing I had that kind of flair. Architectural types always have it, my dad was one- why did I miss out on that gene?? *envy* :)


WOW!! I love how you put it together. you're right - that is a lot of stitching, but it sure will be worth it.

Kate Pop

What a gorgeous quilt and quite an inspiration.


Wow, this is turning out stunning! I particulalry love the satellite fabric! What a perfect quilt for your little boy!


quilting is the best part. except for the fact that the end of your finger gets hard from all the needle poking. (I just can't wear a thimble...)


I think that it will be amazing! Don't feel bad - I have been working on a quilt for my daughter since before she was born, and there is no end in sight - she is 3! And my son, well, one day he will get one too. Maybe when he gets married!


LOVE IT! I have experience with sewing and have always wanted to make a quilt. But, then I discovered knitting and yarn. Oh, how I love yarn :) I haven't been inspired to try quilting again until I saw yours. The fabric is fantastic! I also love old-order amish quilts. I have two girls and love to make stuff for them - it means more to them than if I bought them something. They are always asking me if I'll make them this or that. I am just finishing up knitted stuffed rabbits for both of them.


I didn't get a chance last post to tell you what a touching meaningful thing that this quilt is. I hope someday that I can do something like this for kids.

I just love the fabric and stitching choices, I think that this quilt will be truely amazing when it is done!


That is going to look KICKING when it is done! Lucky Max! My aunt made my daughter a quilt when she was born and it hangs on the wall at the end of her bed. I smile everytime I look at it. No matter how long it takes, it will be a memory you will have forever.

laura r.

that is so, so so
l o v e l y


Wow! Totally amazing! Love the colors, movement, patterns, and your quilting is going to be incredible! Great project for evenings when your hands want something to do...


I love the fabrics you've chosen, that quilt is going to be so gorgeous !


I am in awe! That is one gorgeous quilt!


I am in awe and so pround of you for taking on this amazing design. Everything looks beutiful now... I can imagine how beautiful the finished quilt will look like.


looks amazing, the fabrics are gorgeous and you have put them together beautifully, can't wait to see it finished...

joy  madison

I love it!!! very cool....the hand quilting is going to be awesome!


Looks BEAUTTIFUL- the colours are stunning and I love your piecing.
Personally, I'm only interested in doing "tied" quilts (I can't possibly imagine doing all that stitching), but I wonder if I should give you a call and discuss my observations of my mom's quilting technique? Props include a teaspoon and embroidery hoop!


so beautiful, alison! love your fabric choices. and having made a hand stitched quilt before, i know how hard it is! does a number on the fingers. can't wait to see the finished product!


stunning, i love your idea!


Al you're a talented lady, and Max is one lucky boy. The quilt is stunning - can't wait to see it finished.


Your colours is so great, and your ambition is set sky high for a first project. I'm in ave, but couldn't do it my self. I thought it took a loong time making a baby blanket and machine quilting it, hehe.

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