September 18, 2005



Screw quilting conventions. Your instincts are amazing.

Feel better. Tell that kid to leave the germs at day care, thankyouverymuch


I feel so bad for you with your bouts of illness. I remember like it was yesterday when my 13 yr.old started preschool. I went through exactly the same thing, when we needed my job the most! After my umpteenth absence in only a couple of months, my employer finally asked me if I was serious about my job. I simply answered: "Absolutely. But I can't control what's happening at home. You do what you need to do." Then I walked out of his office trying not to burst into tears. Nobody fired me. And eventually all our immune systems got built up enough to withstand the onslaught of school germs. Hang in there! There's light at the end of that long tunnel.

And - lest I forget -- your creations are absolutely beautiful! So aesthetically pleasing!


I now count being sick regularly as one of those dirty little secrets you don't hear about parenthood (along with never having a clean house and never being able to sleep in). There must be a contract that we'll be forced to sign soon - swearing us not to reveal these tidbits to those considering having children. Hang in there with the sick days... I do hear it gets a bit better once they're in kindergarten and have already developed the super immune system!

That top is gorgeous - I love the happy fabric and cheery colors! And the quilt is coming along beautifully... I can't wait to hear about/see the bobbles in their place!


Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, i had the same thing a month or two ago and it's not at all nice.
I hope you get back to your old self soon.
The jacket looks fabulous, i love the colours.


Hey - Welcome back chick. LOVE the little jacket, love it. The FC pattern does scare me, even though I'm quite an intuitive knitter I'm not confident. Maybe I should just read the pattern :)


get well soon.


I was nodding my head vigorously when reading this post! We were never the sick people either, but since our little person started child care, health (or lack of it) seems to be our major preoccupation! Hope you're feeling better soon, and that once the weather is nicer, those contagions disappear for a while.

Love your knitted baby top and quilt. The wool/fabric combo looks stunning! :)


Glad you are back on your feet.


Good to see you are feeling at least a little bit better. My sinuses and I do not have a great relationship, so I feel your pain. By the way, the wrap top looks just darling..love the color.


ditto, on the work and being sick thing. If only my employer knew I would rather be at work then home with a sick bub. Bring on the warm, bug free weather I say. Loving the little jacket and fabric, gorgeous!!


I just found your blog and loved looking at the pictures!!! The fabrics left me drooling!!! Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!

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