June 14, 2005



I think that it's going to be a fair isle cardi for you. And if it isn't it should be!


A fairisle or intarsia scarf for Diane (AKA Clementine) in Melbourne*
Pick me, pick me!! :-)


Either a pair of mittens or socks from Folk Knitting In Estonia. Don't have the book & so this is a wild guess ... Maimu's Mittens. It will be for you.


Ha ha -thanks Norbu!
Actually I am racking my brain and I can't think of anything likely (and I'd hate to guess aimlessly). I'm sure I must have some clue lurking in the memory banks somewhere...


I haven't got the book either, but have seen some of the projects online and I go for Maimu's Mittens. But as I haven't the foggiest idea if you have an aunt called Gertrude, or Ermingtrude, or - in fact - an aunt at all ... I guess that they are for yourself.

laurie b.

Oh... I want a kitty but I have no idea! However, I think that a tiny cable knit sweater for this little guy would look fairly adorable. I think he looks a little chilly. :)


Ok, fortified with coffee, I have been thinking.

And I think you are going to knit a fairisle jumper for Max. Mostly plain but with some really cool borders around the bottom and on the sleeves, and a bit of a stand up collar with front opening.

(or maybe some fairisle gloves for yourself. Fairisle gloves would be really really cool, but I think you've got more yarn than needed for that. Although that wouldn't be a problem now would it?)


I saw this competition last night and I wanted to put some effort into thinking through the answer before I wasted my valuable opportunity to score what I know will be some sensational goodies.

So here's what i think. Based on the amount of yarn I can see above and how much I have guessed would be needed for an adult size garmet and taking into account that the Rowan yarn was leftover from a project, I think you are either making a small accessory for yourself or somthing for Max. Sydney weather doesnt really warrant a lot of knitted accessories and since I know you are already making Page 106 for yourself I think this little baby is a jumper for Max.

The fairisle is going to be based on a design from Folk Knitting in Estonia but the rest of the pattern will essentially be your own...probably using something like Designing Knitwear as your second reference tool.

So here is my rather elongated reply...but hey - I wanted to have a good stab at this.

PS. I did consider the hubby option - but then went....nah!


Whatever it is will kinda small, cute and fairisle, can't wait to see what!


sleuthing pre-coffee! egads.
I have ruled out socks and mittens, too much yarn, and not cold enough in Sydney...unless they are a gift...I am guessing it is not a scarf, as you have many beautiful scarves which you have knitted recently...I hope that it is a kimono style jacket for you in charcoal with a decorative pattern from the estonian knitting book...maybe on the edges of the garment... but I think that it may be a wee fairisle vest for Max.


This is like one of those party games which I never could cope with. Too many variables, not enough brainpower/imagination to compute. I have no idea (well, I do realise it's going to be knitted, fair-isle and probably something for an adult) but just thought I'd let you know that I am interested in, but not entering, the competition.


A set of 'matching' Estonian mittens for you, Max, and hubby.


Knit the Leftovers vest from Knitty, and if you feel up to it, do it with bands of fairisle patterns instead of plain stripes. Keep it for yourself. Wear it with a buttondown shirt, a tweed skirt, and loafers. Feel very English.


to much yarn for anything to little and if you frogged it alredy because it was off I would have to say that you are knitting a sweater. I am going to go with a pullover for a little person but perhaps it is not for Max, instead for a friend's child/baby


I haven't read any comments, so: Striped green, blue and red sweater with cream fairisle for Max? (That's what I'd make, anyways).


I don't know anything about knitting and how much yarn it requires, but I'll take a stab at it. A shrug for you?


Delurking for a wild stab here. A variation on your oft-made little kimono baby jacket, with estonian folk knitting inspired details, for the yet to be born (?) bub of your good friend/work colleague who was hospitalised last month. Am I even close?


Not an entry for the competition, but HUGE thank you from a Back-Tacker!! My BT bag maker pal got her fabric package from you, and the results are absolutely, gob-smackingly divine!! Thank you Alison, and I think it's just such a hoot that my bag was created from a fabric package that was sent by an Alison in Australia, and ended up as the finished produc returning to an Alison in Australia....!! Pics to view very soon on my blog and to the Back-
Tack site.
Hugs, Alison

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