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August 16, 2012



It is a good day.


Mara is beautiful! My Granny would have been 96 today, so will be thinking of her and all the good times. Wishing you well today and always, K x

Lisa Aikin

So lovely to find a post from you today. You make the world a brighter more inspirational place to be. I miss your regular posts but I know how quickly life skips by.


My mum has just finished knitting Shadowbox for me. The beautiful ladies at Calico and Ivy helped choose the yarn.I love it. i can't wait for BIGrubble. i think i might give Mara a go as well. Thank you:)


it.is.beautiful ...
perfect for such a cold winter!

Barbara :)


Love this.... great project for upcoming cooler days and evenings!

lisa s

hi you. love when a project is like that.
and hug.

Patrice A.

so lovely to read
a post from you
I remember you writing about
your brother in law
already 3 years....

it's a good day
let's enjoy today

with love
from the netherlands


Oooooo I want a big rubble!

Knitting Needle Sizes

Great post! Simple but nice. I have nothing more to say. It's simple perfect to my eyes. Good knit!


Your work is achingly beautiful... I love dropping by to see what you've been making...


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