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June 26, 2012




To all of it.

And especially the last sentence.

Denise | Chez Danisse

It does look to have been worthwhile wandering.


great word wandering. wandering, wondering, meandering, mellifluous. all of it. nice to see you and your lovely photos here. glad you are doing fine. xx

Patrice A.

reading your words
enjoying your beautiful images
nice to see you here again

from the Netherlands
Patrice A.


ah wanderings... a fine thing indeed...so good to read you again, and especially good to read about the adult rubble - good luck with that, I do hope you share your pattern once it's finished..please?? x


Beautiful photos, especially the purple petals in the laneway. Might that make it to your store??

Knitting Needle Sizes

Seeing those wonderful scenery, reminds me a lot of my home place. Great photos you captured! Really love nature!


your style...
your creativity...
your vision...
your words...
inspiring to most...
ever so inspiring to me...


I absolutely love your photos and writing!

Wanderings are oh so necessary, especially for the creative souls!

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Sentas bone ŝati la atmosfero

longchamp tasche rucksack

Obwohl ich hätte es vorgezogen, wenn Sie ein wenig näher ging habe ich immer noch den Kern dessen, was du gemeint hast. Ich stimme mit ihm. Es ist vielleicht nicht eine populäre Idee, aber es macht Sinn.

casquette rockstar

Ĉi tiu artikolo nutras mian animon! Dankon pro dividi.

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