November 04, 2008



what a great idea...thanks for sharing! My 4yr old often wants to help wash up, but the gloves are ginormous on her tiny hands. Some one really should make kiddy sized rubber gloves. Pity they cant be sewn.


Mwah to you! I'll be making one directly.


Yay! Thanks for the pattern.


Thank you for sharing your talents. And to Pia for wanting to play in the kitchen.

I have several nieces who will love these for Christmas. Thanks again.


thank you, thank you, thank you!


OH HOORAY! I am *ahem* I mean, June will be so excited! Thank you!

theresa/t does wool

well,thank you Al...the girls will be so thrilled!

Mama Urchin

Thank you so much!

Live a Colorful Life

I happened on your blog and I already love it. Thanks for the pattern for the child's oven mitt. I'm making my granddaughter and daughter-in-law matching aprons for Christmas. Now they will be getting matching oven mitts also.


Hey, that's so nice to know that old mitt still exists, Alison!
I love your small ones very much. And think I should make one for Dagny, too! Isn't funny how busy these little girls are with all that cooking and baking?!


Ooh lucky me! Thank you so much Alison :)

And thank you for sharing the pattern.


ooh yay! thank you for the pattern. kevin can print that out at work today for the collection.


whoooo hoo - I know what I'm doing on the weekend. Thanks Chicca


Thank you for the pattern for the child's oven mitt. It is so sweet. I'm catching up on a few of your back posts and I was dismayed to read of the negative posts you received.I believe when you put your heart and soul into your posts as I believe you do,you can become a target for people who know nothing about you. Glad to see you've moved on. Gotta delete the negativity and don't dwell on it or even re-read it. You have such a beautiful, thoughtful, creative blog; you're nurturing your children, creating beautiful things. That's all good.
Very, very good.


Thank you for sharing the pattern, just in time for the mad sewing-rush that proceeds Christmas gift giving.


Thank you for the pattern Al!


thank you so much for sharing the pattern!!


I've just found your blog via MagpieFiles. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful.

Will hop over to Ravelry now to see some of your patterns.

I want to eat some of those cakes!


thanks for sharing alison!


I received my oven mitt and it is gorgeous, my little man has been "cooking" away with since it arrived, thanks again, now I am making him a matching chefs hat and apron :D

do you happen to know/remember the names of the fabric, they are so cute (fishes & blue/green lining?)

Linda Lanese

I put your over mitt pattern on "THis Next" so many can enjoy it :)


how sweet of you to share the pattern- thank you! makes me wish, as i often do when i visit here, that there was a wee girl hanging out with me in the kitchen :) in the meantime, there are baby nieces to sew for, far away though they are...

 Term Papers

Thank you for sharing your talents. And to Pia for wanting to play in the kitchen.


Thanks for the model for photos mitt.Your oven is absolutely gorgeous child.you're nurturing your children, That's all good. creating beautiful things.


I think when you put your heart and soul into their messages I think it may become a target for people who know nothing of you. Glad to see that changed. I have to remove the negativity and not think about it or even read.

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