September 04, 2008


Hyena In Petticoats

Alison, I have to tell you -

I find your knitting so inspiring. The cable cowl sent me into raptures , so much so that I think I may attempt to make it, even though I know I'm probably not an experienced enough knitter for it...... and now you present me with this! The most beautiful cardigan ever - and for a "grown ass woman" no less. What a gem of a pattern. Bugger.

Looks like I'll be knitting my way all through the summer!

Leah xxx


that cardigan. is lovely. absolutely. you just made me want to knit. to learn more than the basics. and somehow convince myself i have the patience to do it. wow.


Your FLS looks great on you, and I love the charcoal color too. I do hope your son feels better soon. We have just had another round of sickness here so I am now on antibiotics again in less than a month. Tomorrow my daughter is going for her visit and I am sure we will be visiting the chemist again too. Too many germs this year for everyone I think.


The cardigan is gorgeous. Surrounded by all those sickies and yet not wearing ugg boots or somesuch?

And don't you just love those moments when you weigh up how long it will take you to clean up whatever they are doing versus how long you might get uninterrupted while they do it?


Beautiful. I love your site and I love your words and your creations. Thank you for putting a smile on my face with your unedited post. Ahhhhh..... the joys of multi-tasking with kids!


Yours is the first version of this sweater that's made me want to knit one. It suits you perfectly.

Alex (me, of MOONSTITCHES)

Alison, just love your take on this!
So well balanced between sweet and You. Great choice of yarn!


Oh, weird signature...


Lovely. This is such a clever pattern, but can easily tip over into undue sweetness. Your yarn choice, and proportions of the cardie (particularly the cuffs), evade sweetness entirely. Great.


...and from the other end it comes across as a very beautiful and truthful writing... so precise. makes me feel I'm in one room with you, stopped and watching.. You should be a writer! ... and photographer! and.. you're so talented, Alison, it's amazing!!!


It makes me think that if you can produce writing like this with a little one all around and allover you, that you just got it girl! No matter what! Lovely work and words? Cari said it right, this is the first image I see that wants me to make it too.

theresa/t does wool

to be quite frank,I never liked this pattern until now.You have transformed it with the habu,the color,the buttons, flawless...the look is polished,whole...love it....and about the ear infection-well,they just plain suck.


4 days.

At least you have something marvellous to swan about it. it is spectacularly marvellous and you wear it so well - smudges and all.

Great post!


That is an absolutely beautiful cardigan, well done you!

I empathise with the kid situation, my two have chickenpox right now and they're driving me to distraction! I hope yours are better soon.


Wow - it's gorgeous. And I feel doubly enthralled with Lady as Margene at Zeneedle just finished hers today, too - http://zeneedle.typepad.com/zeneedle_process_of_art/. It's February in September! Love the color and the buttons. Enjoy.

karen in Toronto

oh my - I know what you live these days with sick kids, and my husband and I have been sick too (food poisoning).

good luck....

and congratulations for your FLS - mine is waiting for me, I can't wait to come back from school and put the youngest one in bed (with her fever and cold :o/) to knit it again (I'm starting the lace pattern). I love your buttons and I hope I'll love mine as much as you love yours.


Lovely! I really need to knit that cardigan now, yours has pushed me to find some yarn!


I hope you all get well soon and can finally leave the house! And when you do, you'll have a lovely sweater to wear :)


sweet jebus you are making me want. and not in the yarn I bought for it... also I want you to buy me buttons :)

also Pia I am sure would like you to know that toilet paper is DECORATION. it is her start in interior design and modernism :)


I love it. Even with the finger smudges.

Oh wait, they're on MY screen.


So sorry to hear you've been housebound, but that gorgeous FLS at least is some consolation. I'm now re-thinking my colour choice for this project too - yours is so sophisticated. I hope the spring sunshine chases the lurgies away soon.


love the comment about toilet paper being decoration!!


Gorgeous take on the pattern, a very sophisticated version. Your post was very coherent too, in spite of the distractions. My computer screen is also covered in children's finger marks. The little darlings......


What a beautiful sweater. And a sweet post featuring the lovlies, the smudgy little things.


It's just perfect:)
and I like the random and chaotic (although if that's really random and chaotic, then my writing must be complete gibberish:)

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