August 31, 2008



I can empathise, having a two year old with chickenpox, a one year old teething and a seven year old with the best social life ever right now. I hope tomorrow is a better day and that the kids are happier and healthier.


Sounds like a crappy day, indeed. I hope it's all better tomorrow. I must say, the photo of the birds in the puddle is just gorgeous. I'm glad you got out even for a little bit.

cindy k

we all have bad days. unfortunately, you all had them at the same time. hopefully, it's all out of your systems and today will be much brighter. or, tomorrow.

theresa/t does wool

I'm sure it was not the worst day...you did manage to put it all in perspective at the end...that's what counts,really...the end result..sorry about the deadline...I hope you will have another opportunity,your work is exceptional.


I know that day.

I know the precious and precarious nature of those moments to oneself. I am glad that you were able to find time, and that other perspective.

Mostly, I hope tomorrow is easier.


Oh yes, that sounds like a trying day. It can't get much worse right? The upside is that it forced you to look for the subtle beauty you wouldn't have found without that walk. The photos are gorgeous.


That sounds beyond horrid. I admire anyone with 2 or more children, I often had hard times coping with one. Parenting is probably the worst and best job in the world, all rolled into one. xxx I love the photos you found.


such beautiful photos. so glad you had that walk. :)

Creature of Habit

Oh my - it seems things are out of whack in your hemisphere as well.....however you handled the end of your day much better. I just gave up and went to bed.

Today seems to be much better, I hope it is for you as well!


I've had a week of similar days. I am, I'm sure, the WORST. PARENT. EVER. It is heartening to read that you found perspective. Gives me a glimmer of hope. And always, lovely photos.


Hey. I'm going to email you. in case you don't get it, will you email me please?


oh, those days. i have to say, i know they are horrible, but i am glad to know also that i am not the only one to have them. the contrast between your words and your images are so striking. you captured your time to yourself beautifully. thanks for sharing your day...despite the difficulty...makes me feel less alone.

pillar box red

Days like this are what makes a family, what gives it it's core and meaning, just as much as days when the sky is blue and every moment seems beautifully choreographed. When it's difficult you find out things about yourself and your family you'd never know otherwise. Not always nice things - but real things. I can't help you with the cat thought - they're total mysteries to me.


we've had the worst week ever as parents too.
although nowhere near as bad as your today.

it's 9.30pm and i think kevin's nearly got astrid to sleep.

it must be worldwide crappy child week.
today astrid decided to start the habit of removing all items of clothing and then the nappy too.

yes, and screaming all day. and pretending to be tired, but not going to sleep. and refusing to get into bed. and screaming more.

oh joy.

at least no lamb carcasses.


oh, sweet!
hope the new day brings new joy.
thinking of you.xx


In a few hours (hopefully not before) you'll awaken and it will be another day. It will be different. One can hope better too. If not, remember that the awfulness will pass. While it doesn't making the living of it any better it's good to be reminded that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel even if, at present, it can't be seen.


you've not let me down. no you have not... you found things we are all searching for and I cant wait to go on a hunt with you one day :)

lisa s

oh boy. no fun indeed.

hopefully life is kind enough to not give you two of those types of days in a row!!


On days like that (& luckily they are few & far between)it is nice when everyone is in bed & the day is OVER!

I am glad today that spring is here, I can smell it & feel it. I can't wait for all the winter bugs to go away, to open up the house & to dry all the sheets on the line... soon.


Like a friend of ours, a father of four children once said... parenting is like a scale, where the good moments manage to tip the scale enough to out-weigh the bad times by just a tad, just a tad enough to keep us going... at least if feels that way after a really bad day.

My husband said once, that any mother (or father) who questions their ability to be a good parent is a good parent, because a bad one never even thinks about it.

I send you a huge tomato-sauce stained hug from Toronto... (it's canning time...)

Miss Dot

well done, it sounds like you recaptured some joy in just the right way.


double check them for tonsilitis, its going wround at the mo and willow once spent a week writhing and screaming at us, we went bonkers, then felt crap when the doc told us.


Oh Gawd.

I heard once that children go to sleep just in time to save their lives.

Aint it the truth.



AT least today/tomorrow is a new day and everything starts afresh - no grudges held, new challenges and lots more love hugs and kisses to be given. I hope your day is better today/tomorrow...


oh goodness, what a day you've had! those 50 jasmine-magnolia scented minutes you had sound blissful - so glad you found such a beautiful moment in all of the chaos. ella had her vaccinations yesterday and has been having a cranky, trying, nothing-is-right day today, too - i can't imagine having a sick son on top of this, never mind finding a lamb carcass under the bed and having carpets and a sofa to clean...x hope things are a little calmer today and that max feels better soon! x

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