July 16, 2008



Me too.

And then the sun comes out or one of them smiles and it vanishes.

I read recently it's Ok to be unhappy. Nod to the unhappy and move on, just don't let yourself be unhappy about being unhappy, because that is such a waste of energy, and us masterful beings need all the energy we can get our hands on. ;)


Love the poetry and petals. How about forgetting the laundry and taking a little walk? That always seems to help the dark clouds vanish.


I feel you. But right now, it doesn't matter how much quiet I get - it's not enough. It's not long enugh, deep enough, smooth enough. Something is missing and I hope I find it soon because it's starting to *hurt*, you know?

Deep breaths. Calm photos. Soft light. Peaceful thoughts.


Perfectly stated and something that I, too, am struggling with...Once the endless loads of baby laundry are done | the dog is walked | the baby food is made | the diapers are changed | the house is cleaned | dinner is made | the balancing act of naps, playtime and meals is somewhat achieved, I have to choose between sheer exhaustion, taking a moment to breathe in my little baby {desperate to remember every part of her because tomorrow she will be different : bigger, able to do something new, closer to not being a baby anymore} or steal a quiet moment for myself to reflect on the day and 'the big picture'. When sheer exhaustion doesn't win, I inevitably choose to cuddle my daughter a little more, watch her sleep for a little longer - I miss her, too, and the rare moments that I do get to be alone with her are so special that nothing else matters. And once that fleeting moment is gone, I'm left craving more time. For her and for me.

I wish I could offer some helpful words of advice or comfort, but I have yet to find the perfect balance, so instead I will send warm thoughts your way and a wish that there will be a few moments of calm in your day :) {totally didn't mean for that rhyme! eek...}

dirftwood shack

I think it is part of being artistic and more sensitive to beauty, that can make us more prone to loose confidence in ourselves and feel so hollow. Its almost as if being able to see perfection in simple things makes us more aware of the imperfection in ourselves-I always try to find someone to talk to, anyone will do it stops me from dwelling inward and if thats not possible I sing something, anything (sometimes the sillier the better!)Lovely photo by the way. Phillippa


a universal theme, this sad space. but melancholy is good and deep and allows the sweet happiness, when it comes, to really shine. breathe in those simple forms, subtle smells and pale hues. the pause will pace us.


I found your link in a book from the library--The Crafter's Companion. Blessings to you in this heavy season. May you find the rest and lift you're searching for.


Simple joys -- the perfect solution


Darling. Go and have a quick shower. Spray a little scent on. A dash of lippie, if you do that. Put on some lovely clean clothes and make a cuppa.


Nah, you'll only add to your work schedule and have to hoover them up tomorrow.
Best wishes, I'm off to do the dishes myself




I hear you!
I step outside and fill my chest with a big breath of fresh air - the colder the better - and hear the birds. Then come inside and make myself a warm and spicy soy chai tea. Then everything can wait for 10 (or more realistically 5) minutes while I sit and drink and look at something or read something that inspires me.
..and then, just get up and embrace the chaos (sigh)- both my babies have just woken from not long enough sleeps and I better go and work out what's for dinner!

Beth Menna

The kettle has boiled, the tea is brewing. I lower myself into the sofa and pull my quilt over me.
Inhale, exhale, inhale......what's that? Baby No 3? No, no , no, don't wake now!
I haven't even poured my drink!
Sometimes life is just like that. Tea goes cold, plates congeal. But then a little hand sneaks into mine, or an arm wraps around me and it is all forgotten.
I love your blog - you are an inspiration.


yes your images have been looking heavy lately and i've been wondering how you are. glad you're putting it in words. m


Those days really are not good. I can't stand the continual picking up of "stuff" too and all the other time consuming things that you just don't want to be doing. i hope it all seems brighter soon...keep looking at the petals


Just dropping by...love your blog! *hearts it*


I am sometimes surprised that so many people feel so many similar feelings at the same time. We may all have different reasons, but alot of it seems universal. I hope you can find those moments you crave, to recharge.


I found that the only way to get away from the drag of chores and mundane stuff is to do it in a different way, or just don't bother. Is it winter with you? That is often a cause of the blues. Take a brisk walk and fresh air at the low points of the day, it really helps.

Patty Justis

When I was a young woman and especially often fell into that place...I read a little something that calmed me some.
How to Get Over the Blues by Fr. Alfred Martin, O.F.M., now a very wrinkled crumpled bit of paper...and stained with a few tears.

The blues are much easier to take once we regard them as facts of life like fatigue and hunger. They also become much easier to live through if we remember their passing nature. One of the strangest quirks of the human mind is its tendency to cling to permanence. In spite of the constant evidence that life is an ever-changing sea,
people insist on clinging to the obsession that any present condition is, and will be,

This delusion is at its harmful worst during moods of depression....We cannot avoid low moods but we can remember that they will surely leave.

The more favorably one is endowed with personality traits, the more susceptible she is to these moods. Tendency to depression is commonest among the creative-
artists, musicians, writers, poets, inventors and the like.

The next time you glide into one of those low spells, accept it gratefully. It proves you are gifted- maybe you are an artistic genius.

Hope these words help even a bit, they helped me weather some dark heavy times.
My little ones are now grown and one has a child of her own.

Those moods rarely come now and I'm in a place of great peace, fulfillment and much joy. Wishing you the fullness of light, peace and beauty in all your days:)



oh, the ups and downs of motherhood. or maybe just life. it's so hard to remember sometimes that things do get better -it's just the natural rhythm of living.
hope you are feeling better soon.
those petals are beautiful, like velvet.

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The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

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