July 06, 2008


theresa/t does wool

Oh,I can just imagine how you must feel...I can honestly say that this new pincushion is lovely...and you will soon come to forget the other...and LOL,the childs logic when it comes to wording!


Hmm, the front end of marshmallow? I didn't get it until someone else commented with the answer, but I have a few years before I need to follow five year old logic. At the moment communication around here is mostly pointing and yelling until I get the message.

Sorry about the cat-related losses, but you seem to be making the best of it by making, which is always good. I got home one night (many moons ago) and slipped into bed and was horrified to feel dampness. Fortunately the housemate's cat had got my pillow and doona, but not my handmade-by-Mum quilt.


I SO knew that.


but it was at the end of the word! the front end! ;)


oh dear, i can just imagine how you feel - when we moved we found an archive box full of old negatives that had been conveniently used as a kitty toilet once or twice {hopefully not more than that - still in the process of peeling apart the plastic sleeves on the top layer, trying to salvage as many as we can...if only the 'film experts' we've spoken to could agree on the best way to clean negatives!} we just can't figure out when it happened although i have my suspicions that it had something to do with this episode :: http://thedottedline.typepad.com/the_dotted_line/2007/12/grumpy-but-styl.html
just thinking about it brings the smell back - yuck!!
what a gorgeous replacement pincushion though, a truly lovely color combination :) and hopefully all of your other things can be restored...

Jane in London

I'm sad to hear your pincushion didn't survive. I had to google to find out that the paper was actually yarny.... ~x~


Oh no! Cat pee is so caustic. And smelly.
How unpleasant.
But, on the bright side, the new pincushion is lovely. And Max is hilarious.


Ah, the joy of cats...


Ah, woops!

Love max's logic, and sorry I haven't been in touch! Love Pia's tunic - she's growing up so fast I can't believe it.

Pip Crowe

The Pincushion is gorgeous, and so are those pins! Our cat peed in the pram once... and I detest pram shopping. I find bicarb helps to neutralise the odour. Bummer, really.


Sorry to hear about the cat ordeal. It sounds awfully stressful. Wonder if the little critter is totally unaware of the disaster, probably not. They do tend to sense when things are not quite right. The new pin cushion is absolutely lovely! Good luck with the table.


oh my god. your pins!
some of those i must find one day. little jewels they are.



new beginnings though - and that's always LOVELY. :)


Love that lovely button!


A very lovely pincushion. I am sorry to hear about the previous one. Hope your cat is better now too!


that ah....sucks.
nothing worse than cat pee.


Oh no, oh dear. I grew up in a household of many cats (my mother is one of those ladies...) so I truly sympathise. That is a very beautiful pin cushion though.

Martial Arts, of course, of course! Wonderful.


ooh, I'm sorry to hear this. I know how you feel. I have a favorite basket in my trunk that I am too afraid to bring back into the house for fear that ours will smell the smell and decide it's the place to go. It's been there for months. But I can't bear to throw it out.


Haha, the FRONT end. I love kids...

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