July 01, 2008


theresa/t does wool

spontaneity allows you freedom...nice posting...


I'm glad kids still ride billy carts


a lovely notion, spontaneous creativity. the days of gathering around a homemade object or game are too few and far between. what a refreshing post.

and thanks for the comment regarding tord's fabrics. i bet they're fantastic!


your kids are going to have some of the best memories and stories :)

Creature of Habit

Sounds like a wonderful neighborhood, and what a great cart. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Suse the slow knitta

you live in a great place! My house is about 500m from our primary school and I love to hear the joyful sound of 200 children playing outside at breaktime.


love it...bring back home made fun....i still have a deformed large toe from ripping the nail off on a downhill crash on the billiecart 30 years ago....can i have a turn....


Go carts, how fun. I could just imagine all the children waiting their turn for a ride. Max must feel like the king of the neighbourhood and so happy too.

lisa s

sounds wonderful.

i want a billy cart... in my size of course!


as always a poetic eye for the ordinary and not so- sounds like a lovely day- remember don't sweat the 'small stuff'


Great work Mr 6.5sts! Great billy cart, and sounds like a series of wonderful ways to spend your time.

lindsey clare

i remember you writing about your magnolias last year, and i remember me commenting then too! i have noticed them this week, the buds almost ready to bloom... what a glorious flower! can't wait for spring.


my son has a billy cart almost identical to this one. he speeeeeds down the drive way and into the garage, whilst i bite my nails watching him!

Fred Farnsworth

Each day as we turned up we gathered a crowd, and local chidren appeared from everywhere to ride it. How glorious this community, where children can congregate around home made stuff and have hours and hours of fun, negotiating between themselves for turns and time limits, helping pull the cart back up the slopes, being mindful of smaller children, and enjoying the spirit of warm winter days and lazy childhood weekends.

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