July 22, 2008


t does wool

Ali,I love reading your postings,they take me to places I have certainly been.The orchid is exquisite an is surely all the proof you need.


I am jealous of your luxury to 'do nothing' but enjoy the enjoyable- peace, rest and delight of doing what you want, when you want. Go girl- make the most of it.

Creature of Habit

First of all - gorgeous photo, and I love the old crowns on your ceiling.

Secondly, hang in there. It does seem to be cyclical.....I know it must be draining, but you will come out on top because all of the beauty comes from deep within you....


It's the cocoon Al. Struggle, struggle thump.

Bloody awful and bloody wonderful. Scary too though - because you never quite know what's it's going to be like afterwards. At least that's what it's like for me.

I'm hibernating in mine at the moment and feeling optimistic.


I hope you fall somewhere soft. From your posts lately you seem to be struggling a bit but I wanted you to know you're still inspiring and uplifting others (me anyway!)through your writing and beautiful pictures so thank you.


That is a stunning picture. So serene and zen-like, probably exactly what you are looking for right now. Regrouping ones existence....such an interesting process and sometimes with amazing outcomes.


Oh me! Oh life!


sounds like a good day. i feel for you - i had such a black winter and it was all i could do to self-manage and not do anything to make things worse. so impressed with your orchid - it's beautiful and in the photo seems to ooze purity and freshness. all best. m


The orchid is beautiful, I kill mine after the flowering stage every time. I am hopeless with them. The day doing nothing is great, everyone should do that once in a while.

Hyena In Petticoats

The orchid seems to be divulging its secrets you you when you need them most...... hang in there - this, as with all things, will pass.

And so you feel justified in your day of nothingness, I'm going to tell you that I, too spent the day devouring Harry Potter (the last book, in my case, rereading for the third time, no less), as well as gobs of dark chocolate, cups of tea, and internet surfing.

Keep the space around you warm and tidy, and soon the head will follow suit. As without, so within, or whatever the expression is.......

love to you,

leah xxx


I love that triffid looming orchid.
I am too flu-addled brain to think so all I can say is UGH which is Neanderthal for I commiserate :) At least you can knit!


you can find so much in nothingness. you've reminded me i desperately need a pause. be well and refresh.


And a lovely little bud it is. I am death on orchids but my one remaining (very healthy) one has sent out a flower spike and it has bitty little buds on it. Hush! Don't speak too loud or it will hear and keel over like all its comrades. I peek at it surrepticiously so it won't notice that I am watching its progress.


I love the orchid! Every time I have been given an orchid I've managed to kill it off quite quickly, it must be a talent I suppose!


take care, alison; thinking of you.

lisa s

well said my friend. no mans land - both scary, but also full of potential. i think i'm right there with you....


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