July 28, 2008


karen (aka pranamama)

This is beautiful! A perfectly assembled outfit for appearing sweet and calm but getting away with all sorts of calamity!

I can tell she's thinking about trouble because of those curls. Ellabella has them, too, and the ones over the ears are what my husband calls her "mischief indicators"....when they are flipped up (as your little darling's are here) we know trouble is on its way!

Beautiful and inspiring outfit. Cannot wait to see what the fabric you have chosen for the top becomes!


Cute! Cute cute cute cute! I love the addition of elastic around the back - it's such a beautifully tailored piece, but the elastic back adds something very little girl to it. If you know what I mean. It's lovely.

Sarah Brown

That is so amazingly cute! Do you read Japanese or are those patterns easy to follow if you don't?


So gorgeous! How inspiring. Now I am eyeing off all those pattern books -- mmm.


Perfect. Excellent for bouncing and so beautifully done. You rock. Again.


She is so cute! I can imagine here bouncing around with ther curls dancing.
I smile because I have been sewing again... and my children get quite the opposite as yours when I do. My daughter and I have matching (alas: she made me do this!) two-sided-two-colors flowery skirts made from old sheets. My little one has a new sarouel also made with old sheets with flowers with a little more subdued tones. I confess a sarouel for me is on the making too. And B. the pirate wants a striped multicolored t-shirt. Good taste is not our priority, it seems! ;-)
Of course when i see your amazingly beautiful and tasteful realisations and pictures, I feel a little bit ashamed. My excuse is the sunshine - finally - there after a rainy cold spring!
lots of XO


Oh so cute and perfect too. Love the grays.


Oh this has worked beautifully,she looks so very stylish.


This is the second blog post I've read referencing this lovely book, very much weakening my resolve to not add any more to my collection. Very stylish outfit!

Hoppo Bumpo

Its gorgeous! Beautiful buttons.
My boys would agree that couches are for jumping on and cushions for throwing. I have to make some more robust cushions!


this post makes me giggle and as always envious... Id say you have to up her bodyguard contingent again :)


This is so sweet. Beautiful and simple.
And yes why is it that chaos follows children where ever they go :o)


I love this outfit
it's just perfect. I want to dress my daughter just like this.


Very stylish - a perfect Winter outfit, love it.

love squalor

the outfit is gorgeous! and so is the girl! how did she get so big already - and those curls. oh my!

Rachel Saunders

love this dress and the little comments before of things that happen when you have children!! I had to laugh as only this morning yet another pencil sketch has appeared on my wall! :0

knit tops

This is so adorable. I wish I had a little girl I could make cute clothes for. I guess I'll have to stick to making little boy's clothing for my son. Maybe one day I can make the cute girly clothes.

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