June 02, 2008



It's stunning. You always have such beautiful photographs of your work.


Oh what a lovely shot of your gossamer stitches! This is going to be dreamy to wear!

Creature of Habit

Missed you too! Glad you are back!

Beautiful! I love lace knitting.....and just plain loose knitting with lace weight yarn. It's a gorgeous color. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

It's funny- I count to myself too. Always counting steps, stairs, paces....what is that? I've never told anyone, because I thought it odd (well, I should say I told someone once and they thought it so odd they told me I might be autistic- so I've never mentioned it again). So glad I'm not alone. I just like counting!


glad you're back. i too took a forced respite recently and agree its not at all relaxing. your work however appears to have bloomed while you were away. a lovely piece and pure poetry in those butterfly wings.


Hurrah, you are back and with such a lovely post. I find lace knitting to be somehow meditative and soothing, you describe it so well. A beautiful pattern, I look forward to seeing the finished piece.


ah well hello. when i loaded this page it took me back to when i first started reading your blog and i had the feeling again (the same one I had with your knitted pillow) that I shall never stop being amazed by the things coming out of your creativity.And of course your writing. Such magic Mrs 6.5.


looks like the perfect pattern for this beautiful yarn. glad you're back. may i have a bowl of pea soup please?


oh forgot to add - one day you will be really old and they will be older and they will take for an expensive dinner and you'll complain that all those greens and vegetables things are kind of hard on your dentures. and they'll roll their eyes!

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