June 25, 2008


dirftwood shack

Oh how lovely sewing and shopping too! I have white and beige Knit (we call it Jersey, in the uk) but I may need red, and grey, and navy, maybe a liberty print...........


thanks i just got my stretch sewing machine needles out tonight. hana needs some leggings so im off to hunt the book tomorrow.what did you do about the sizing for pia?


Oh, I love these! Someday I will get over my fear of sewing stretchy things!


I think you have managed to obsess everyone! I think I will wait a year or so to give in to the seed of obsession you have planted. Epsilon does not need leggings yet, and I have no space to set up the sewing machine.

The leggings look great. I can't wait to see a picture with the dress.


smile. yes way more chic than ladies leggings. the dresses sound so pretty and fresh.


Oh, you've got SUCH good taste! I LOVE leggings... I must make me some. I also ADORE the fabrics you chose. You should post more photos of works in progress!


ohh, do I share the same obsession! except I'm not brave enough to make them myself, I just spend an inordinate amount of time searching for grey|charcoal|black leggings with absolutely NO LUCK :( i just love the way ella looks in dark, bold colors - just can't get away from that oh-so-adorable-japanese-style! - and am constantly bombarded with comments about the lack of 'baby colors' in her wardrobe...

Hoppo Bumpo

The charcoal leggings with ribbons look beautiful. A very elegant option for the well dressed miss. I would love to make leggings, but have little boys. While they would cheerfully wear whatever I make them, leggings would probably be socially unacceptable!


god i love little leggings. we have nice charcoal ones from mor mor rita. i'm chomping at the bit to buy that book! and find some sewing time... and go to cloth house! i still haven't been... gr

karen (aka pranamama)

Oooh I love them! I only wish it were Autumn over here so I could put some on little Ella. Beautiful choices.

Jackie (one of Merryn's mums, from the park)

Looks like a great pattern book, with patterns executed with flair by vous naturellement. Do you have to be a good sewer to use this book or do you think a beginner sewer with no Japanese could manage?

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