June 23, 2008



You lived in Melbourne and I never met you! Astonishing. :)

Suppose we can't tempt you back then......


It seems to me that you have a lot of IMPORTANT things covered, and that this is really what counts in the end

theresa/t does wool

very interesting...


The new banner is beautiful and how I love to read these memes. I did not have you down as a nail-biter and I love the idea of a vineyard.



Its funny looking at these questions as I am now in a period of hopefully moving forward. Its the first time in a long time I have been able to do this as my husband is coming home. My work life is similar to yours 10 years ago and I am in the process of downsizing - or slowing things down either way you look at it its gotta be good. My list for the 5 things to do today is virtually the same except we had seafood pie. My son calls salmon - ham - I have yet to correct him as he will eat it if its ham but will leave it alone if its salmon. If I was a billionaire - just make sure everyone that I loved deeply could live without worry and maybe get a beach house (if there was enough left over).


a fellow nail biter...


oh so happy to hear your story...and that you've moved well beyond those turbulent times. your work is so lovely and imagery so peaceful i can see reflection has gotten you to a good place. never mind the nail biting! thanks for playing. so nice to hear of other moms finding their creative balance and still picking up toys.


the banner does look fresh and light and hopeful. lovely. i find that 'stalled' feeling frustrating too. sometimes though when i look back i see either that things weren't as stalled as i felt or that it was a quiet before something big happened.


i'm a melbournian through and through, but also spent some time living in the wonderful durham...i'll tell anyone who listens how wonderfully beautiful it is; i've finally (albeit virtually) found someone else who lived there too!


I love your photos and creations and watching your daughter grow. But this meme was a great to learn about you in a different way. I haven't done it either (yet).


i can relate to the double brie/quince thing so much. My taste buds have even started liking blue cheese in recent years...a regular lunch snack in this part of the world.

glad you could share some info about you. you know every time I drive past or visit the GOMA complex, your name comes into my head.

that's a nice thing.


This photo is so beautiful! I have only just discovered your blog but will be sure to keep coming back :)


Two coffees before 9:30! Tut, tut, tut. Shame on you!

If I don't manage to consume a vat by 6 a.m. I haven't go a hope!


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