May 21, 2008



Potato and Leek soup... it is perfect for this blasted weather. The cache coeur wrap also looks perfect. So glad you are making it since I have a baby coming up. Just added it to my queue in Ravelry. Now I have to go buy potatoes and leeks. I'll skip the illness, thank you, though I would LOVE the weight loss.


Ooh drinking chai lattes (my favourite!), sounds very comforting and cosy to make you all better.


Mmm, leek and potato soup is a favourite in this house too, always accompanied by sourdough or Irish wheaten. Hope you are on the mend and that your calves remain boot sized!


sorry you've been ill -but the soup sounds wonderful, as does the knitting.
hope you're on the mend.

Theresa/t does wool

knitting and soup and snuggling up to be cozy..what more can one ask for...


lovely description for a bit of a gray day it seems. so sorry you all are ill, we're under the weather over here as well and are having chicken soup today (grandmother's recipe). must try the leek and potato...mmm. oh and i'm taking my first knitting lesson next week! you've inspired me.

i was 'tagged' recently and have passed it on to you if you're up for playing (see questions on my blog). be well.


oh sourdough bread! too tempting and i'm hungry right now. the knit piece is gorgeous - and doesn't everyone shop after funerals? it's that or get drinked up right?


photo of the boots please :)
and some soup please too. astrid and i have both caught kevin's cold.

Theresa/t does wool

Alison,I just tagged you on my blog...please read it and play along if you like..everything you do is wonderful,by the way...and I love the cache coeur wrap...hope you got the neck rub...


do you make your own chai tea mix. i live on a remote farm so have no choice but to make my own. i would love to swap receipes as every time i make mine it seems to taste different...


Such wonderful posts and photos lately! It has been awhile since I have had time to drop by for a visit to your beautiful space. I just love all the hand knit things you have been making. The diamond socks are lovely, and the photo of the little guy in the scarf is just precious. Finally, the sweater for your little girl is sweet as can be with the little button at the neck. I don't know how you get so much done!


I think it's perfectly understandable to buy wool after attending a funeral - it's a little way of acknowledging that life goes on.

I hope your family is feeling better, and I hope the boots keep behaving!

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