May 12, 2008



what a wonderful photo of boy and scarf! I've never seen a scarf quite this style - I really really like it. Nicely done.


i just *love* this photo of max. the look on his face. the beautiful scarf. the lovely words about him. such a neat little portrait of a boy indeed. the boy who chose that button. well done max!


What a lovely photo and a handsome boy! I think your and my Max are about the same age? Mine's 6 now. I'm having so much fun with this age, the curiosity and the ability to act like decent humans are both wonderful!

I like how you modified the pattern to use a button instead of tying. The button he chose is perfect, nice and big and buttony. I love it!

Thanks for introducing me to this pattern, it's such a great idea for keeping scarves closed!


Another button that adds the final touch. What a handsome boy and what a lovely scarf!


such a handsome little man! beautiful scarf...


Definitely nice scarf and good looking boy!


That's a lovely scarf - and the button choice is perfect!


can I join you? pretty please?? :)

Rachael Rabbit

Max looks jolly grown up :-)


So fantastic. I *love* that photo. And while I don't wish away my son's tinyness, I look forward to that stage.


Oh Max does look so grown up in that beautiful photo of him. The scarf looks great too, and I love the idea of that button. At least he wont lose it. Isnt it great when they start school how much they learn and want to tell you too, which I think helps them to realise what they have learnt. My daughter is in Grade 1 now and she seems so grown up and much more independant. She loves school, and sport and art are her 2 fave things.

Creature of Habit

Scarf turned out wonderful - and he looks like he loves it!

I love hearing Moms talk about getting to know their little ones, and really ENJOY them! It melts my heart!


what a lovely tribute to your son. and he looks to be a satisfied customer with his scarf!


waaaaaaaaaaaay better than a rainbow scarf!
what a beautiful boy in all ways.


such a handsome boy and scarf! I'm glad to see he's getting some of the handmade goods finally too:)

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit.

I knit that scarf not long ago. It's fabbie. I love what you did with it. I'd love to knit another with and do a button instead of the ties.

Nice job!


a perfect combination,a boy and a scarf...
nice post!


my boy started prep this year. And now he is learning and asking so many wonderful things about numbers and letters. I can get him to right words by spelling them out loud. Except there is a catch. the words have to have the same letters as his class mates name.
H (holly) O (oscar) R (Rachel) S (Sophie) E (Ella). He sneaks a look at my keyboard on my computer for the other letters!

special, special age. I wish I could bottle the moments like these.

great pic.


max looks so handsome in his new scarf :) and this is such a lovely post... hope you get lots of good time with him in this moment in his life! xox


So good to hear. Lovely to know he's enjoying it all so much.

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