May 04, 2008



Ah. :)
too funny arn't they.


Ah knitting for little boys! When I let Angus choose wool for socks, his choice was Blue Moon Sherbet! Hot pink, bright orange, lime green. He adores them and wears them all the time. Thank goodness he goes to Montessori...


Ha ha! Oh, I am waiting for the day when June demands inappropriate crafting projects of me! Though I imagine a girl can get away with more than a boy, unfair really!

Creature of Habit

Oh man...to think, we almost...almost... could've seen a rainbow scarf from you! I guess if Max can't get it out of you, no one will. ;)

I was desperately trying to make my oldest nephew a sweater (after he declared he hated my sweaters because they are 'itchy') and took him to the yarn store to pick out his own non-itchy yarn. He picked pink and white "fuzzy" yarn and I wept silently to myself at the register. And then I returned it later on and somehow got out of that whole fiasco. I've since kept my focus on the 2 younger ones! Lol....


He will love that green scarf and forget he even thought about a rainbow scarf. The conversation made me laugh out loud. is it finished yet?


awww! how adorable! i've never finished the red socks my son asked me to make...(he eventually forgot about it)...


oh, poor max!
a rainbow scarf can be quite masculine done the right way, and I can't help but feel for him, he might like to express himself through that kind of choice. It might be important to him?

then again, we are probably a bit more liberal. My 3 yr old son does ballet and tap and keenly tries on dressups and lipstick. It doesn't bother me at all, as at 3, I feel there isn't much point to enforcing gender stereotypes.


ahhhhh yes a rainbow scarf!

the whole conversation had me laughing out loud. i have to say al, you got out of that one fairly quickly. just wait until he's a teenager, once he gets your number, he'll be showing up with pink hair. ;)


pink hair! can you imagine!


okay i hope you've started the therapy fund now ... because you know eventually he's going to need much therapy to discuss the fact that he had a mother who never made him a rainbow scarf. you know i'm kidding right. and that only a therapist could leave a comment like this.


ahhh the concept of time... it will catch up with him quick enough :)


rainbows do spring from the green earth, right? so you are close?

Claire Falkingham

I can't help wondering why you even gave him the choice in the first place? And then to talk him out of it and go for a dull green?

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