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April 29, 2008


lisa s

simply lovely


It's gorgeous. Will you practice wearing it with boots? I find they help with the casual(ish) dress, they're enough of a statement without needing heels, and a lot more comfortable.


I love that. :)
yes, you must practice. Such a lovely forgiving thing a dress.


it looks wonderful, and yes you can do dresses!
I can't, I'm the original skirt girl.

Creature of Habit

It's wonderful. Everyone can do dresses, they are so comfy!


Yo so can do it... now go and frolic :)


i thought this dress looked great on you over a flickr! hadn't thought about it much before you mentioned it but yes skirts feel more practical and business-like than dresses.


it is a lovely dress! i would wear it with black leggings and flats for casual/everyday.


ooh it's great! and dresses are so easy to throw on. this will look so good with the scarf.

i wear mine with footless tights, socks and mary janes - or with long socks and mary janes.

only minutes ago I've just discovered how to read selected blogs through my email - how exciting is that!

Roxanne Lasky

It will grow on you. Simple comfort and the right shoes.
Try turning your favorite top into a dress.


I know what you mean about needing to practice with some things. They need time for you to grow into them. Makes me think how difficult it must feel for people on What Not To Wear to be thrust into different attire.


This is such a great dress, very stylish, not too dressy, I think you do it very well.


I know what you mean about dresses – so grown up, stylish and together and they have that certain je ne sais quo. You do have to be in the right sort of mood to carry off a dress. I have one dress and the first time I wore it was on Christmas day. But your dress looks great and you do have the legs for it!


Your dress is lovely!
Kind regards

Sonnja, from the Netherlands
Beertje Zonn


very elegant!


Posts like this one remind how we're all so different. I like dresses for the opposite of all the reasons you haven't been keen. I think dresses demand no thought - the right dresses of course - you just pull them on, a pair of shoes a necklace and you're done. I find co-ordinating separate items the hard part. How can we all be such different types of the same thing?!


it is beautiful al.
and you are too funny. i have seen you model your habu pieces... you have style and stature to spare! :)
i love skirts + dresses... maybe dresses even more than skirts because then i don't have to think at all, just toss it on and go. they seem to take care of everything in a way that makes me happy.

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