April 03, 2008



it sure is delicious! Here's hoping it fit her better next summer.




well it's still v cute as you say
and now that it's getting cooler you can always layer it over the top of something tunic style to fix the gapeyness?


i simply adore this fabric!


I made the dress version of the same pattern a few months back and found the neckline to be a bit big as well so don't feel bad! The book is put away right now but I sort of feel like in the picture of the little girl wearing the dress version of this she is also wearing a turtleneck underneath, no? I think that it is meant to fit over another top (or at least that is what I am telling myself).


As mentioned yesterday, I recently made an apron top for Daisy - afterwards I discovered that the size 100cm is apparently a size 3. Hope that helps with the sizing issues :)

It's such a beautiful top though, I have been tossing up whether to get that book and after seeing this and some other peices made from it around the place I think I will. Thanks for sharing.


lovely top! and the clothes for enfant terrible are gorgeous!


Its just gorgeous! I think I have been working from the same book. I have to really concentrate when tracing those patterns as I have made a couple of very odd looking pattern shapes...


Oh that top is so lovely!


just found you and am thrilled. your work is beautiful! the palette is delicious and the screenprint, brilliant. i am inspired as i am learning to sew, design and entertain my 2 year old 'assistant'. spent hours last night on the linnet site. simply sublime. thank you.

cindy k

it is so wonderful as is your inspirational corner featured in erin's e-zine!

Lorie M.

Oh so cute. I think I'd like one for me! This is probably the perfect fabric for it too.


I think your version is lovely and had to chuckle as I read because I know I have been there too, sewing too late at night and making and making avoidable errors. It is beautiful nonetheless and I bet Pia will look lovely, perhaps a jaunty little scarf around the neck and a round-necked Tee would help with the gaping problem?


It's a very cute top, regardless of those bits. Oh well.


that is cherriliscious, and you know you are an inspiration too :)

Creature of Habit

Well- it's still the cutest little top I've ever seen! You know what I'm thinking.....I need to see it on. Preferably with a tiny little foot in the photo. Please. :)


Wow! I love your blog - love the little dress you made for your daughter - that IS the best thing about sewing - making what you want and making it with love. Thanks!


oh my the cuteness!


That is divine Ms B! Are there more coming for the shop? My niece would look divine in it!!


No matter what, it is a most adorable top. Cherries are my favorite, and a girl always feels happier in cherries.

mrs. french

Enfant Terrible is definitely one of my favorite sites...your pieces are lovely.


It is a lovely lovely top - especially the cherries - fingers crossed it will fit later on :) What a beautiful blog - I'm exceptionally pleased to find it :)


You don't know how much better it makes me feel to know that it isn't just me who gets distracted and doesn't notice that she's cutting something out in the wrong direction, or who makes clothes for her child that can't be worn for a year or more due to overestimating size...


This top is wonderfull....I love it!
The fabric either...



you're right, it's absolutely delicious!...
Wish i was a baby...

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