March 17, 2008



I would say 85% of my food is organic, and has been now for some 10years. Good on you for choosing organic. No yucky chemicals!!
Gosh you are getting heaps of knitting done.
The recipe looks absolutlely luscious. Chocolate is my most favourite thing. Green & Blacks organic 70% dark chocolate is nice also.
Keep up your "quality-assurance tasting", an absolute must for chocolate, only the best for the family, I always say!! :)

I love vegetable curry also. It is good with a dollop of low-fat yoghurt on top.


your muffins read like a MUST-TRY, thanks for sharing your recipe!


Looking forward to seeing Pia's sweater :)

I know it's going to be fab!



That recipe looks incredible. It's funny because I can't really eat fresh figs- the texture freaks me out- but in baked stuff, or dried or in salad dressings, I can't get enough of them. With chocolate? Yum!


Thanks for the recipe!

I've been looking at the figs on our tree (we just can't eat them all), and wondering what to do with them. I'll be giving this a go TODAY!

Hope you're feeling over your lurgy by now. :)


I have also been making an effort to use up all our food - came across this site that is worth a browse : http://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/


Oh I hate waste..I really, really hate waste. The dogs do come in handy for using up those lingering bits o' veg in the crisper I must say: the ultimate Eco Garbage Disposal Units.
Had some beautiful figs with prosciutto and lovely chevre for brunch last weekend..talk about yum.
And it's strange you should post about muffins, on Sunday I had the most overwhelming urge to bake muffins this week, except I think mine will be a 70s flashback style: very wholemeal :)


Wow, I'm envious. I adore figs and rarely get them fresh anymore. When I lived in NY I could grow them, but up in NH - it's just too cold, the tree never produced fruit.


Figs are great. Love them. And they are pretty photogenic, aren't they?, like pears! Golly, aren't you knitting up a storm! Love the sweater.


Figs are pretty great...next to impossible to find here in Calgary. They are in the stores once a year only, and only in the Italian markets (sigh).


yum. too bad it's not fig season here...


I see the Belgian Chocolate thing is still running hot for you.

Which reminds me, I have a container of King Island Belgian Chocolate custard in the fridge.



lovely blog !
prosciutto, please ! smoked ham, isn't it ? ;-)


I love figs and the recipe sounds heavenly. I rarely find good figs in the local shops and do have my own tree but so far my crop has peaked at 4 figs, I guess I was a little optimistic, the effects of global warming have not yet made a big difference to this blustery corner of North Wales. While I wait for the climate to improve I must make do with living vicariously through others!


I'll just have to live vicariously through you on the muffins (I'm still avoiding caffine due to breast feeding obligations and C's apparent sensitivity to it). I go through similar experiences on the leftover food front- using up things that NEED to be used, and then eating the leftovers myself. I hate throwing out food. Especially good organic food.


That photo has me drooling. In my part of the U.S. we have almost NO fresh figs in the shops. When they do get here, they are tasteless, bland, boring things. I'd kill for a lovely fresh fig like that.


those muffins sound a-ma-zing.
and good for you with the food delivery! we were doing that in florida and it was such a treat. i loved seeing how the veg changed from week to week... feeling so much more connected with the local growing cycles, noticing when things came in and went out of season. a big part for us was forcing us to try new veg too instead of always getting the same thing at the market. it didn't have fruit though... alas!

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