February 28, 2008



absolutely beautiful! reminds me a little of morisot's paintings too. i would love some reverse stocking stitch chainmail right now.


This is quite possibly the most beautiful tunic I have ever seen - the colour is perfect. I need a little girl . . .


so much imagery in my head right now.
I'm wanting to pull out my books and look at all those wonderful graphics.


How gorgeous - I think I love the lining the most... but I love Liberty!

Roberta J.

Such a beautiful post... Absolutely lovely!


Oh! This is beautiful! I have to improve my sewing skills.


oh oh oh! bea-U-tiful. Alison you've done it again!
And now I have two questions.
1. When will the pattern be available for purchase.
2. Can you write the pattern in MY size too?

LOVE it. LOVE how you have written about it.
Most of all, I can't wait to see a pic of little miss P wearing it!


this is beautiful. And it does look like armour. I love the colors.


Oh. Deeply in love. Perfect. Deeply perfect.

Would like one for myself..... It is my most favourite colour of all time. :)

And, by the way - the words! I was quite swept away last night reading them, and can only bring myself to comment today. Sublime Al. Sublime.....


I've been reading for a little while but not sure if I've said hello before.

I just can't help but say that the whole time I was reading this post I kept picturing William Morris pictures and fabrics, even poems. All so beautiful, including the tunic top!


I know what you mean about Art Nouveau graphics, when I was little I had the series of [insert name of colour here: olive, purple etc...] Fairy Books which were dark, dark, DARK fairy stories illustrated in dense Beaux Arts style and I think I wanted to live inside those drawings.
Tunic is fantastic: my first thought was it has a real "Caucasian Chalk Circle" vibe -is Brecht too obscure a reference? -sorry :)
I mean that in a good way, of course.


How lovely. I love, too, that it's a child's garment - so aptly suited to and reflecting the lovely romanticism of a child's imagination.

Willows whiten, aspens quiver,
Little breezes dusk and shiver
Through the wave that runs for ever
By the island in the river
Flowing down to Camelot.

Obviously I've had my own love affair with Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelitism . . .


The tunic is lovely and I love Scott...


I've had a crush on your blog for some time now, and today I finally shared it with the world:



beautiful beautiful tunic.
and you've really struck a cord with us all with the Lady of Lake and the armour of the arthurian legends.


We must be around the same age.

I remember this period well.

I wanted to look like the girls in the Mucha(?) drawings.

Somehow I believed myself to have achieved this with happy shoes and long, flowing skirts, long hair and kohl around the eyes. I was careful not to smile too much, lest I lose my Faraway Expression.

Looking back, I just looked like a hippie.


wow...it's lovely...

Mama Urchin

The garment and description are just stunning.


Magnifique billet.
Beautiful post. Words. Image.
I am catching up on your last messages. You have been (brilliantly) busy!

Creature of Habit

This is incredible....I love it. Very inspiring. Can't wait for the skirt!


Oh it is gorgeous.


best dressed little girl. end of story!


hi sweet alison. i have so very very much to catch up on. and i am so happy to let the words in this post wash over me, imagining those deep dark swirling pools, the koi, the rich depth.
this is utterly beautiful... the texture, the wonderful color, and the lining (!). i have to ask how you attached the lining to the tunic... my sewing skills are such that i cannot imagine it :) xoxo

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