January 24, 2008


Mama Urchin

Glad to hear you weren't making cat food for dinner. Katrina does the same thing when Tristan does something he shouldn't.


I have been reading and enjoying your blog for quite a while now,and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your days as a homemaker and seeing all your beautiful work. I’m sure that one day you are going to make a living out of what your heart desires as well as being a wonderful mother for your children.
You remind me of myself; we are mothers, having creative jobs and struggling with what's going on inside our heads :-) I can totally relate to what you are thinking and writing about in your blog.

2 years ago I decided to close my business in industrial design and take some time off to recreate, do some thinking and spend some time with my kids. My youngest started school that year. Well, - 1 1/2 year later I’m so glad I made that choise. I'm more content as a mother, I'm more in paste with my self and I'm ready to start working on a lifepath were it's room for me, my carriere and my children/family all at once.

Today I feel great. I still don’t work, but I know that will come when time is right.
Like you (as you wrote so wonderfully in a post on October 3rd; “overlapping”) - I was struggling with my desires to be both a creative working woman and a mother. It was hurtful to be forced to make a choice between them, but being torn between them made me frustrated and exhausted.
Well, I just want you to know that I’m very happy that I have spent the last year and a half to be with my children. And I’m positive that it’s not about choosing between them, it’s about letting each one of them have its priority; today you are a mom, and later you will be a creative fulltime working mother. The creative architect in you will never die, it will force its way back as a number one on the priority-list once you are ready for it . Take a deep breath and enjoy every moment! It’s a privilege to be able to make a priority like you have. Good luck from Norway! Gry
ps; as of this blog; oh it just makes me laugh! My youngest is 7 1/2 and it feels like ages ago when he would do like Pia did. And at the moment as he did it; it felt like a never ending story...so bless Pia for being a curious and creative soule and know that this time of life is priceless:-)


It looks like a beautiful mess from here:) though I don't envy the clean up.
Your blog is one of the first blogs I started reading well over a year ago. I love seeing your projects and I wish you only the very best with your recent life decisions even if they come with a few tears. Your art, photos and stories of your children are incredibly special, thank you for sharing them.


I know that must have been infuriating at the time, but as I read it, I have a smile on my face, and giggle. Just a little bit.

I admire you so, for taking this step away, and seeing what happens.


That really is cute. I've been visiting your blog for awhile and I just wanted to say "good luck". The conflicts that you've articulated so well are ones that so many of us women can relate to. Thank you for being so open and sharing your experience.


She was just being creative...like her mama!
Good luck for next week, I'll be sending happy thoughts!


Those are 'those kinds of messes' that make me take deep, deep breaths and thank the heavens that I have been a student of yoga for a decade. If I have learnt anything in this life it's 'breathe first' then only then react...

gotta tell you, with a smirk on my face, that that photo of your Pia is in fact a GREAt photo!!


i bet she looked really cute when she was making snow angels, we had our last day at daycare yesterday too {we are only moving on to pre-prep kinda though} so you are in my thoughts as you prepare for next week xxx


at least cheerio's aren't too terrible to clean up. it could have been sugar. or honey... been there.


So many changes; so little time. Now the next phase begins.


ah! what fun!
astrid was caught the other day, face and floor awash with cat biscuits after she'd gained entry to the cupboard...
love Pia's outfit (of course).


See, now this is how blogging changes one's priorities: you had the presence of mind to document the cereal scattering!




oh 3 cheers for Pia! i know it's no fun to clean up but after today's workday i'd happily join Pia on the floor to spread the cereal all around.

i get the tears on the way out the door and as you stand at Max's new door. change is good but it's also hard.


And I suspect it may not be Pia doing the food throwing! All the best for the first day, sounds like you are prepared.


My three year old would say 'Mummy what's P doing?' and I knew my 18th month old was up to no good - trying to eat the cat food or taking all of the wipes out of the packet, etc.

My eldest starts kindy in two weeks and I know there will be tears - mine not hers.


Oh go, Pia.

I have to admit, it does look like hilariously good fun.


this photo is not on flickr... I NEED it on flickr. I must I must I must fav it :)
it makes me giggle, though I am sure it doesnt have the same effect on you :)

Creature of Habit

Ok, that has to be my favorite photo EVER on your blog. I cracked up! What a doll she is! She is just checking things out Mom, seeing what happens when she empties entire bags of tiny, crushable objects onto the floor. Too bad you don't have a dog, because just imagine - the dog and baby could be in cahoots to drive you to madness.

Can't wait to hear more about your solo practioner year!


a couple of years ago, when my son was a similar age he decided to make himself breakfast. I walked into the kitchen to discover the floor covered in yoghurt, honey and raw eggs! not something you can smile about at the time, but a lovely and funny memory to have in time.


a couple of years ago, when my son was a similar age he decided to make himself breakfast. I walked into the kitchen to discover the floor covered in yoghurt, honey and raw eggs! not something you can smile about at the time, but a lovely and funny memory to have in time.


Don't you have to laugh otherwise what's the alternative? things like that though, they drive my husband crazy, perhaps he's more of a neat/clean freak than me. I am resigned to a life of cereal cruching under foot, crackers on the couch cushions and dry pasta is another favourite in this house - even of my 4 year old! At one point I tried to enforce "food only in the kitchen" but what can I say, I'm weak.

School this week - good luck! Ella starts next year and I'm already starting to fret!

Anne Marie

Next generation of 6.5 stitches. She is just practicing her creative skills and checking her bounderies...or yours :-)


ah -memories of wee children, cereal...and a bottle of shampoo...or a 2 yr old, a 3 yr old, some nail scissors and a pile of golden ringlets on the floor...explorations, adventures, kinder, school, swimming lessons...it is one wonderful, scarey, exciting thing after another - for parent and child - just breathe deep and go in for the next one.


You have to admit, she has a great flair for design already!

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