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December 28, 2007



This has brought me so close to tears I can tell you!
It is so wonderful when children develop in a way in which you never dreamed would be possible, especially when you have just left them to discover things for themselves :)
Pia is a very lucky little girl, and you are a wonderful mummy too :)


It was so funny when I saw this photo today, because I already knew you were doing the quilt set, and I did one of my own for my daughter, specially requested by her as a christmas gift, but the doll bed is exactly the same :)

I never was too girly, as a child, but my daughter, by instint, loves to play with dolls, specially babies - this was also a surprise to me...

Mama Urchin

Just wonderful.


you've shown me a bit of what is to come for my Lucie. and I love the quilt.


Beautiful, beautiful.


It is even harder when they become teeage and really start to move/break away from you. I am going through that right now. I am really feeling lost.
You find the most interesting fabrics, by the way.


what a beautiful thought - a little one's first 'intentional' kiss for her mother - how i can't wait for such lovely moments :)
{speaking of which, only 4 weeks to go...yikes!!}

the quilt is gorgeous, i love the colors + prints, especially the dusty pinks and red :)


I'm glad that sleeping transition went well for you. Ours was a big bust. Kiddo let us know in no uncertain terms (and we tried for three nights) that he wasn't ready yet. So we're giving it a few more months and will try again. Good thing we went for the king-size bed.


Oh how sweet! I think it is adorable when they kiss all their "babies". I am so glad that she loves it as much as you do. I hope that sharing a room with her brother will be fun for her too.


i wasn't then or now particularly girly with two older brothers to play with (think matchbox cars & lego) so i also take delight in watching my daughter love her doll - undress it, wrap it, feed it, wrap it, kiss it, 'nigh nighs', etc. totally priceless.
my favourite part? when she kisses me and says 'love oo, mummy'. i just want to wrap her up and put her in my pocket forever.


Love that tea set


maybe you can teach pia to make you breakfast in bed one of these days :)


Love the quilt. I can see fabric in there that is also in the scarf and pants I bought from you. It's a silly little thing I love about my sewing, that one piece of loved fabric is used in many different projects and spread out amongst different people.

I second the tea set love. Did you get it in Australia?


Ahhh, So beautiful and so wonderful and so satisfying and so heartwarming. They grow up so fast don't they?


It's funny - I found that I was so excited about choosing a doll's house for my daughter, not to mention bringing out the beautifully crafted hand-made dolls my grandmother had made and I had carefully kept. Well, the dollhouse and little dolls to go with it were barely touched by my daughter - but my toddler son just loves them!
- Kylie


Love that teaset! Who makes it?


such a beautiful post... i love the idea of stopping to think about transitions happening in real time, and the magic of that. thank you for this. xox

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