November 30, 2007



I load everything on etsy then hit the 'edit' button and let them sit there in the inactive listings until Im ready to 'list' them. Then you can get them in all at once, or atleast a minute apart.

Ill be shopping. Totally dig those pants.


Clear up some knitting time in your schedule. There's something on its way to you.

(PS: Will set up the scanner this evening)


I'm excited for you!

How awesome will you feel on Sunday morning to wake up and know it's all done and dusted and ready to be loved.

Hope the coffee was good. I would have made it an iced one if it was me - Mmmmmmm treat. :)


I was just going to say put everything in and hit inactivate - then activate when you are happy to go


i already see things i like =) i really can't wait!!
yes...we're doing school tours now to pick the right kindergaten for our son...decisions,decisions, decisions...


Hey! You sound wonderful - glad the tension has released. Looking forward to the update - possibly can't buy anything, but will be drooling into the keyboard nonetheless. Have fun in the sun!


All wonderful. Can you make me some pants in that fabric too? Pretty please? Just so I can lounge around the house feeling a little more girly...


I like the theme of release very much.


such a nice cheerful post!

finding a huge benefit in having southern hemisphere blog friends. besides the fact you are all wonderfully creative - it's so life affirming to read about you enjoying sunny days in the park as we head into a deep freeze.


osteopathy is like magic. i wouldn't have gotten through my pregnancy without it, and my little one had some treatments soon after her birth to realign her little body. so good. great to hear that pia is responding well.

off to your shop to see what everyone bought -- i can't imagine there will still be stuff left, with those inticing sneak peeks.


My mom took my last bar of Amisha's soap when she visited this summer... oh, how I miss it. Your blog makes me want to get going on *things*, and as we are headed into winter (it snowed in the night and the roads are icy) I feel a new sense of urgency to "do". You are always an inspiration. Sorry about the growing-up boy. They have that annoying little habit. My solution was that we homeschool, but I've had many days where kindergarten/grade school would have been a lifesaver (that's where the Xanax comes in!) Have a wonderful day... we're off to bed on this side of the world. Cami


a beautiful release (and i will tell you how much i love my scarf, which is a lot, in a long overdue email...) xoxo


Glad to hear such positive comments about osteopathy. Osteopathy is a complete way of life, the thinking is based on an deep understanding of common sense. Once Osteopathic principles are explained to patients - they all realise that it is the most obvious path to follow. A true osteopath, should have a complete understanding of anatomy, physiology and mechanics and be able to apply this to presented health problems. It is best described as a "health detective". Nothing "just happens" - there is a physiological and anatomical chain of events leading to up to a "health problem".

Have said all this, I do believe every form of medicine has its place!.....my point don't get despondent with Osteopathy.

"Anyone can find disease, the challenge is to find health"

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