November 04, 2007




Those little cheeks. I can't stand it. And those little rosebud lips! give her a squish for me. Love the cardi.

How fun to knit stuff for your own kiddos and be able to figure the fit/color/gauge, etc. on the spot. I make mine and ship them off with fingers crossed, hoping for a photo or some type of evidence that it 'worked'. Lol.....


Lost brain cells with the placenta?!? Gasp! There is an interesting book suggesting the contrary, called 'The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes us Smarter' Now, what was that link...

" title="the mommy brain">oh, here.


You're so right, none of the "mistakes" matter, as the cardi is beautiful and certainly beautiful on Pia. Let's just call them "features" or learning opportunities, or tweaking the pattern just to see what would happen if you knit 4 rows instead of 3. All very inquisitive of you!


If this is what your pregnancy-addled brain can make and call a mistake, then I find myself convinced that in perfect health and mental capacity, you must be a freaking genius.

The cardigan is gorgeous. Like everything you make, including your sweet little girl.

Well done, I say.



More Pia.

More Pia.

(nice cardy)


I was told it got better - that the memory come back...my daughters are 12 & 11, I see no sign of that happening yet! ;)

Mama Urchin

My husband says the kids must be smart because my brain had to go somewhere. I find when I'm knitting something like that I force myself to end on the same row of the repeat so when I pick it up again I can be fairly certain where I am. No guarantee though.


I am 22 years old, in all ways independent, omnivorous, quite a good cook, and I cannot boil an egg.
I do not know how.

(this may because I have never in my life eaten them. but it's there. and i'm sure I could drop an egg in boiling water and remove it some period of time later... but i wouldn't know if it was cooked or to what degree).


i'd wondered what that bottle was. but no i didn't think you were feeding her vodka. the sweater looks adorable on her. i've yet to use a row counter but maybe santa ought to bring one to you and one to me.

Jennie McClelland

I was just saying at Pea Soup how i admire her post partum academic life. I had 4 children in the first 5 years out of Uni, went from a budding pharmacologist to mother of 4 with reading & comprehension highs of enjoying THEIR books only. I simply can't digest anything remotely long or boring anymore in book form. I sew, not knit, sewing can't be destroyed by child orientated interuptions & they would see wool as something begging to be run away with. Love Posie


Pia looks so beautiful in the garter stitch wrap. I think the color suits her too. I am sure you are the only one who will notice the changes in it as I think it looks perfect. She is growing up so quickly too, and I love the curls. Her little pants are cute too in the previous post.


oh, feeling this so much... i am currently re-knitting a cardi front because i knit both with no armholes. sigh. and i was so proud of them, too, till i held them up to the back and wondered why they were so short.
but all's well that end's well... it's lovely and the color is indeed so good on her.

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