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October 13, 2007



beautifully written


Awww, happy birthday Pia! Can't believe she's 1 already. And oh how she looks like you (when you were 1!) ;)


such beautiful words that have made me teary-eyed at the very thought of having such a deep, loving connection with my own little daughter in the not too distant future, the thought of being a 'mother' and all that it means.

a very happy birthday to precious little Pia :)


happy ONE!
and you do look exactly alike here:)


This is so heart-achingly beautiful. Beautiful because, well, it is. Heart aching because even though I recognize the beauty it feels so far from my present experience of my own children, both in years and emotion.

Hold onto the beauty, Alison. It can be as hard to recapture as the time.

Happy birthday, Pia. All my best to you and your Mama on this special day.


Lovely words. Lovely girls.

Happy birthday Pia!

Rosa Pomar

Happy birthday Pia!


Happy birthday to that beautiful girl! Has it been a year already?!


Happy birthday to Pia! I expect she'll get some handmade loveliness for her present! Your articulation of the mother-child bond is so beautiful it makes me a sad that I'm probably not going to experience it. I'm 40 now and expect I've left me run too late! Damn that career that ended up being unfulfilling!


So beautifully written. -kb


today is my daughters first birthday also! 12 october 2006 was a magical day for baby girls. it is amazing to watch them grow and become themselves, isn't it. she has taught me more about myself than anyone else.

happy "birthing" day to you!


Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it's already been a year! Happy happy birthday to you Pia. You really are your mother's daughter.

dimitris (giovdim)

You have such a unique and personnal way to observe and express the world out/and/inside you. Realising, understanding, be conscious.
This photo-diptych and your text with it really prouves a "generations of maternal lineage".
my best wishes to you and Pia.

Violet & Rose

Oh! Happy Birthday Miss Pia.

A whole year!




Paroles magnifiques. And thanks for celebrating so much more than your daughter's birthday with those words... Life, love, motherhood, time, all those concepts you redefine when you become a mom...
Joyeux anniversaire Pia!


Happy Birthday little Pia. It's been great getting to know you and your Mum at the same time! And of course we love playing with Max too, he's a great adventure pal for Jack.


happy 1st birthday to your sweet little pia.


Happy birthday Pia! You so lucky to have each other :-)


oh that made me cry :)
she sounds wonderful **


Happy Birthday 'lil Al! Hugs from Auntie Nicole!xx


Happy Birthday 'lil Al! Hugs from Auntie Nicole!xx


Oh, how wonderful! I remember last year, waiting for the post to say she had been born . . . perfect petite Pia - Happy Birthday!


So wonderfully written. A mother-child bond is extremely special and a mother-daughter bond has to be felt to be believed. Happy birthday to Pia who looks so like her mum.

karen (toronto)

OMG it's been 1 year already ?
i cannot believe she is "that' big - happy 1st birthday to Pia, and you at the same time ;o)

love the picture of you, hands in the pockets, so cool and cute ! ;o)


Happy 1st Birthday Pia!

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