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September 25, 2007



I already gushed at it on flickr, but y'know, there's always room for more gushiness.
Such a fantastic jacket Al, I bet you're so glad it's finished and you can actually WEAR it!
And the #70? I was eyeing that off the other day. Nice, very nice. I've added it to my ever-burgeoning mental wishlist, along with at least 5 other Setsuko Torii designs. Sigh, if only I could knit full time and procure a yarn patron.


Stunning photos- I love the play of black and white and all shades between.
I have to wonder though- what's it like knitting the stuff? I can't imagine it flowing through the hands the way that wool does. Which just makes me all the more impressed that you finished it so quickly.


wow. no other words necessary. it is simply amazing and i love, love, love your photos. elegant. stunning. fabulous.


Very elegant Allison...
and practical at the same time.

i read this interview with Martin Margiela and he talked about his love for unfinished things,
that often he liked them better then the finished garment.Because he liked the freedom of the unfinished , maybe that's the art part of the designing process.


I was examining a piece of mine that I've been working on for 2 1/2 years. I wondered when I was going to finish it. I thought of you, and suddenly understood that I was having trouble letting it go.

It finishes when the reason I started it is resolved, I think. In this case, it was about working out who it was for.

Decision made.

Won't be long, now.


tea time and roses

The photos are beautiful...the jacket is just lovely!!




crazy wonderful photos! love the last one especially.


I am glad that after all that time you could step back and smile at your creation. The very best feeling. It is a stunning piece of art and soul.


Your pictures are worth a thousand words.




i love this series of photos so, so much. it captures beautifully the magic of the garment... the texture... and yes, the process too. have i mentioned that it looks amazing on you too? :) xox

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