August 02, 2007



ooo. o. you write like the nigella lawson of knitting! i am - ahem - blushing!! totally in love with this. wondering if i should dare to give a scarf in this fabulous metallic thread a go... not quite confident enough to tackle something this amazing first up (in case i can't finish the thing with my rusty knitting skills). what do you think?


That looks amazing.


Alison, this is so beautiful and oh it makes so much sense to me!!! I can't wait to finish my jacket and I do love the process, so looking forward to see yours, Please post about it to our KAL when you get a chance,thank you so much! Hugs to Pia!


Amazing that you can write about something so incredibly beautifully and make it mean something to someone who finds the knitting instructions incomprehensible! Mary


beautiful post alison. i am searching for that flow right now, that space where material and design and rhythm are all happily together. perhaps i will find it in habu?



I too love the way knitting can be so mathematical and crocheting too. My husband doesn't understand when I am in "the zone" as he puts it but it relaxes me. Still haven't really moved onto the "big person" projects as my little terror boy keeps me busy plus other requests but I am starting to look forward to doing something just for me.



Astonishing how you can make something mathematical sound so mesmerising.

To me maths has always been some huge black vortex that sucks my spirit downwards as I spiral out of control. Give me words and pictures anyday, but it was nice to have a little look at it through your confident eyes.

I just love that amazing thread (?). It must be superb to knit with. If they ever provide instructions in picture form with their kits let me know ;)


lovely lovely lovely.



Bernadette Houghton

I've wanted to knit something with the silk-wrapped stainless steel Habu fiber, but I was afraid it might be too hard on my hands. Your fabric is absolutely lovely. Can you tell me if the fiber works up fairly easily? I've knit with other alternative fibers (Gelly, old magnetic tapes, crime scene tape, ribbon, surveyor's tape, etc.) and all of them can be pretty difficult (i.e., can't knit from 6:30 PM to midnight). I'd love to hear what you think of Habu's fiber. Also, does the fabric hold its shape or does it drape like a coarse fiber like worsted shetland? It might be cool to knit a corset if you're 20, but if a woman's over 50? Well, I think it would just look like an old lady's corset.


This is lovely, very linear feel to it..love to try one of these too! Nice blog!

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