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August 28, 2007



Well the magnolias are a perfect match for the colour of the moon from down here. That eclipse was spectacular!

Hope you had a good view.

lisa s

to have the mind of a child.....


He's confused with what was happening, so was I. It was there then it wasn't then it was red.
Kim has great pics on her sight if you want to show your little man.


So sweet. It prompted many a question around here too ("is the moon going to be OK, mummy?") Bless 'em!


love their questions and struggle to understand - fascinating insight into their world.


Gotta love that abstract inquisitiveness.
Shame that about 95% of us lose that as adults.
On King St last night we kept passing people coming out onto the street muttering something about lunar eclipses and at the time I thought "Meh, another underwhelming meteorological phenomena, whatever" .
I am ashamed to admit it but it's true: I am either utterly exhausted or very jaded or both.
I only got excited when I saw it on flickr this morning, what does that say? ;)


Very dear.

I'm surprised he slept, thinking the moon might fall on his head.


sweet boy. it IS a very puzzling thing, really. it wasn't how i expected it to be- it looked like a dried apricot for a long time.


yes, the words and mind of a 4 year old...i know...


my favorite of these is will you watch the moon for me while i sleep.

was thinking after i saw this photo of yours on flickr that it looks like some of your drawings you have posted in the drawing set.


Loving the magnolias. I can't believe after 36years in Sydney this is the first time I have taken notice of them. And they are so beautiful, what was I looking at before???? Hope to catch up when life settles into a pattern for you.


"bless his little cotton socks.." that is the cutest saying. sweet guy.


I love Max's way of thinking - it's a shame we lose some of that sense of wonder at the world as we grow up, but nice to have kids to remind us again.

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

My son Louis is always asking "why" and when I think I found the "final answer" he just look at me and say "why" ! I'm sorry for not beeing as much present as I should to thank you for your sweet words ! Will you forgive me ? I hope you and your family are fine ! Tons of smmoches from Belgium :) PS: I'm still in love with your world of creations even if I'm not present :) ps2 and what about back tack 4 ??


Oh the wonderful things little people say..
Is the moon lonely? and Please can you watch the moon for me when I go to bed? gave me goosebumps! So sweet.


I love Max's world...just when I'm getting al serious with myself...a reminder to look outside my box...thanks Max!

tea time and roses

I am a new reader of your blog, and I am so glad I found it! Your knitting and other crafts are so beautiful..

It is so wonderful...the beautiful mind of a child.




this made me smile so much... so sweet and concerned for the moon's well-being! a good sign :)

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