August 05, 2007



Will you design me a house? I was fantasizing about that the other day.


I take photographs for precisely the same reason. Sending wishes for peace and balance your way...


thanks for sharing - with you all the way on iv and vi


how cool, my first tag! And thanks for letting us get to know you a bit better.


The irony of #1 being that you are absolutely beautiful. Though since you show your face so seldom and almost never a full-on shot, I get to keep that knowledge as a little secret and I do kind of like that.


I can really relate to feeling disjointed from work. I'm a landscape architect and work only 10 hours a week since having 2 kids 3 years ago. I'm jealous of those I know who are working on fabulous projects and furthering their careers.

At the same time, I keep reminding myself that raising a child and designing a park, building, etc. are extraordinarily similar. Instead of brick and mortar, you work with flesh and bone. And you hope upon hope that all the thought, hard work, and love you've put in will somehow result in a sturdy structure that will endure and age gracefully. I also remind myself that my 2 "projects" love me back.

Great post as always.


our children are unhappy at the return to NZ, on days when they want me to suffer they say "where are we going to buy Papa's cheesecake in Auckland hmmmm?" (that's their name for the Ricotta Torte from the Pasticceria)

and I must agree with Cari.


Ricotta Torte? Dear God, why don't I know about this?

Alison, in that shot, you and I would pass for sisters.

Except that I'm not beautiful.

Are you originally from Melbourne? That's an awful lot of black for anyone north of Wagga.

Ps. for you I will do a meme. Only for you.


pps. I think silversmithing is an extremely excellent idea.



love raw edges - my favourite. done the litho course - good but the process is waaaaay too long for my time poor state (gocco is a better pace!). and i will attempt the meme...


Alison, you are such an amazingly complex and intriguing person, thank you for sharing the things that you do.

lisa s

hello friend. i love how your arm holding the camera is reaching out... and it's lovely to see you - even if not totally your face.

i'm getting so intimidated to reveal 8 things about me. i feel so boring :)

thank you for sharing!


I so wish we lived closer -I think it would be amazing to hang out with you:)
and you look beautiful to me.


It's really wonderful to know a little bit more about you. I'd love to see you at a silver smithing course.


It's really wonderful to know a little bit more about you. I'd love to see you at a silver smithing course.


Oh, I didn't tag you ages ago because I didn't think it was your thing..in fact I thought it would be anathema.

Oh well, you keep us guessing ;)


I have a confession, I am a serial lurker ... have been for months ... but I have just changed jobs this week and started work on the other side of the city. Out exploring on my lunch break I found something that made me instantly think of you. It's a fabulous book shop in the Galeries Victoria between Pitt and George Sts. Now you probably already know this but it has a great collection of japanese magazines as well as sensational degign sections and all in all I tihnk I am going to spend all my future pay packets there. (Kids will have to eat fish fingers every night ......) The website is www.kinokuniya.com (They even have a few copies of the Crafter's Companion on their shelves too.) As I'm de-lurking, I might just add that I think you are amazingly talented. Why do the cleverest people always suffer from agonies of self-doubt? Oh and thank too for rekindling my obsession with linen. I'm going to have to get the elna press out again to deal with the ironing ... Have a nice day!


My word, I haven't been in for a read in a while...where did the time go?

I totally get iv. on your list. I'm now back at work 4 days a week while still juggling being a mum, cleaner, cook, chauffeur...I work at home 2 days a week so I too feel a bit "left out" of my professions...but am I bothered? I really don't know...my mind is changing all the time about it.

Great 8 and you are one stylish lady btw!!!

Chara Michele

Great 8 things about you! (Thanks for letting us get to know you a bit more.) I love the reason why you take photos...


Thank you for sharing Alison! It's so nice to learn more about you.

I can totally relate with the career vs 'mommyhood'. A lot of balance and a lot of patience.


Lovely post Alison. I dig that you have a thing for edges, and that the most striking thing about your self-portrait is that it shows your edges. How you meet the space around you.

Complementary and opposite, rounded and enclosed and sprouting. You little seed you. :)


Great post.

And both you and Shula ARE beautiful.


Quite with you on i, still searching for ii, Boston equivalent of iii is the Black Misson Fig Tart with Goat CHeese Ice Cream from Ten Tables....better get crackin' in my list!


i will accept the tag - give me a few days- a bit busy at the moment.....


Great post -

Hope you are well!


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