July 24, 2007



good grief! what is going on with you guys? that crazy sydney weather?? very odd. especially considering they have been buddies for so long... (we had two and the big one ALWAYS beat up the little one, till the big one was no more) great work on the etsy shop. looking foward to seeing my little girl in one of your fab tops. will send pics! :)


Hi - I wandered over after your comment on dogsstealyarn. I'm terribly sorry about the bother you are having with the cats. This idea came from the cat rescue centre where we got our cats - they couldn't stand the sight of each other at first (I don't know if it will work on ones who have recently 'fallen out'). Drain a can of tuna in oil into a bowl (just the oil, not the tuna) and rub it all over the younger ones head and at the back of her head where she can't reach it - hopefully the other cat will be unable to resist cleaning her and they will make friends again. I hope you find something that works soon, it must be really upsetting (and there is nothing worse than having your sleep disturbed by two hissing spitting fur balls!)


Yikes. We live in a house with two cats that have had to be separated for two years. Different situation, because they're not family, but the the pheromones have worked well for us. Feliway comes in a plug-in diffuser that looks like a room deodorizer but has NO smell. It's like magic. Our cats still don't like each other, but now we don't have to bust up cat fights like we used to.


Oy, you've a rough week thus far. We had a similar problem with our cats. It started soon after a de-worming treatment as well. The older cat associated (for lack of a better term) pooping pains with her litter box, and subsequently used the floor as her litter box to let us know how she was feeling. Then in her excitement/embarrassment she attacked our younger cat. It happened a few nights in a row. Finally we took her to the vet and found out that she had a small infection. After taking care of that we had to re-introduce her to the litter boxes by petting her while she went and giving her treats afterwards. In a few days she felt better and stopped trying to attack our other cat. That was our set of cats in the States.

Our cats here in Oz are a bit different. The older cat saw that we were playing with the baby cat (not cuddling much, but playing lots) and got jealous. He was an aloof cat to begin with, but once he thought his people were paying too much attention elsewhere he started attacking the kitten. Since then we've taught him that when he wants love he should seek us out, and we're more than happy to give it to him. They get along much better now, and there aren't any 2am meow/hiss fights that involve loud thuds.

I don't know if this will help you any, but I hope it does.


I can't help you, except to tell you that with the birth of our son, our two cas (brothers, desexed as well) have gone crazy. The bigger of the two asserts his dominance by trying to beat up and then mount his smaller brother EVERY TIME OUR FIVE WEEK OLD BABY CRIES. It's a three ring circus here all the time. I don't know if this will make you feel better, I just wanted you to know that I share your pain and am hoping it gets better for you.


it for sure is an behaviour problem related to dominance. It can be triggered by very small and minor changes in their (and your) enviroment.
The best thing is to totally separate your cats for a periode of time (probably several weeks), and then slowly reintroduce them to each other. Let them have their own room, and by making an fenced opening in one door, they can sniff one-anothers odour, and later also at each other.
When that's going ok, you can try to let them in another, neutral room under guard.
It can take a lot of time, or it can be over in a short while, but is the most difficult and most common problem with cats living together.
(I used to be a vet).
succes and good luck


Hmmmmm......my sister had something similar happen with her cats. She has a neutered boy (7) and a spayed female (9) and out of the blue the boy cat lost him marbles. He was being attacked by the female and started pooping/peeing all over the house. There were cat fights.....just awful. Then my sister realized this coincided with allowing the female outside (out of the blue, the female decided she wanted to be an indoor/outdoor cat - go figure). We guessed that she got another male scent on her and it was freaking the male cat out. This went on ceaselessly for 2 MONTHS.....finally she took that male cat to a specialist and turns out he had a kidney infection. She separated the litter boxes, kept his painfully clean and started the antibiotics. Everything went back to normal. Though, she did lose her very expensive rug! Lol....not to mention bed sheets!
Not sure if this helps.....just a similar story. They make something over here called "nature's miracle" and it TOTALLY gets out urine smells. It's amazing. Let me know if you want some!

Loving the shop update!!


not a kitty person so I don't know what to say.
I do know that the people I know with pets that they have to keep separate, eventually re-home one because it is too difficult to do both.
*hugs and hopes for you*


I have no idea what to tell you on the cats, sorry! But I have to register my shock at a 3 year old pelting you and your kids with rocks??? What?? Where was a parent? Good grief. Also so sorry I missed out on the larger sizes of fold tops! She's already in 6-12 month stuff, so I'd want something to last a little longer. Hopefully next time! They are so gorgeous.


My friend had an older cat that acted like this all the time - until they figured out she had a hormone problem and put her on special medication. She's not a nice cat by any means, but will 'adopt' one of the younger ones occasionally now to cuddle with, and has stopped using anything electronic as a toilet. Has your older one been checked out?
Oh, and for the urine, I treat with baking soda and then with vinegar, alternating until I get the smell out.

Tracy Harris

I have no advice, just empathy. I recently introduced a kitten into our cat and dog family, and so far, things are going ok, although older kitty does chase kitten around the house. I hope you can figure out a way to help them get back to normal.

And what the heck is with a 3 yr old throwing rocks at you???


Keeping you and the cats in my thoughts... had no idea you had Abbys- how old is the older cat-- is she getting more vocal with age? I feel for you, we have an Abyssinian female as well-- she is 16 and over the years she has gotten very very vocal at night and now during the day when she is in a separate room from us, her "yeoooww"- sounds like a child, not cat like-- do your cats do this?


Ummm. I've got Feliway, a pheromone spray, apparently the only one that works. I've sprayed it on something Spud used to rub all over and he now completely ignores it. Also, he did have an injection (this is in anticipation of introducing Son's 16 year old cat to him) to "calm" him. It's got a 6 month life and I'd prefer not to give it to him more than once as it can have not nice side effects. Umm so, maybe try the Feliway...Bugger, very distressing.


What the hell has happened to Camperdown since I moved?
Roaming gangs of 3 yr olds!
Menacing the residents!
You could always borrow Scout for walks, I doubt even the most vicious 3 yr old would throw a rock anywhere near her.
As for the cats, perhaps Scout could help there also. They could gang up on her as a common enemy and -in joint adversity- bond again!
See..never fear. Scouty's here.


Sorry, as for the 3 year old, maybe a pheromone spray for him too???


you mentioned taking the little one to the vet, what about grandma kitty? UTI, Kidney infection, some other illness affecting her?


Oh yeah! The 3 year old? Wtf? Seriously, what is wrong with the world that a 3 years old thinks throwing rocks at a family is ok?

I'm sure you stayed polite and calm. I think I would've hugged my kids to my chest and shoved the 3-year old down, all the while yelling "Hey, not nice"....lol.....

Please tell us you notified the parents.......


I would like to have smacked the little bugger. Hard. (I'll teach you to hurt people...) But, really, what he did is technically an assault - where were his parents/carers? This is really serious for him as well as for others, id he doesn't know that this is wrong. As for the cats, I'd agree with others that the older cat needs a checkup. Somehting's wrong with her, and it might be physical.

Emily S.

re:cat issues: Definitely try Feliway for the behavioral stuff.

As far as cat stains and odors on fabrics/carpets: try a product called Simple Solution Cat Stain and Odor Remover. (I've had much better luck with it than Nature's Miracle or any other enzymatic cleaner - I'm not really sure what's different about it but it WORKS, and it's specifically made for cat pee.)

I hope things calm down soon.


Good luck with the cats - we have three neutered females, a mother and her two daughters. They've never been lovey-dovey, but the dynamics change constantly.

What did help was bunging them into separate cages, and flying them from Perth to Canberra, although any long distance will do. They were so greatful to get out!

The three year old - hitting him will do no good, it's only more of the same. I've met lots of kids like him. What he wants is attention; and unfortunately, he's learnt that violence gets attention, even if it's a smack. Depending how much time you have, he needs to be distracted from the violence and talked to; and don't show fear. Honestly, treat him much like a dog who fear bites. Show him that you respect him as a fellow human, but don't allow him to intimidate you. Both of you have the right to walk along the street.

My experience in this area is practical; I used to go on my daughter's primary school camps, and the teachers would give me a house full of disfuctional boys whose parents never came on camp (we had three a year). By the end of the week, I had them reasonably tamed. I always hated sending them back to their disfunctional lives, but since they were usually a bit better the next time I saw them, at least I know there was hope for some of them.

lisa s

you've received very very good advice here.

i am so sorry. it's so stressful when things like this happen.

i would actually really suggest the phermone spray. we had a cat that hated the dogs and so we'd spray all their beds w/ the stuff to keep him from peeing on them and it WORKED.

also i totally agree w/ nature's miracle. it's amazing stuff.

BIG HUGS. it will work out. all the kids [animal and human] will be ok.

and shop - obviously i'm late... but it all looked amazing... xo


I would have at least considered throwing the rocks back.

I do hope you took Appropriate Measures.


Hmmmm, you mentioned Mr 6.5st was away last weekend and again a while ago - is either cat particularly attached to him? I lived with a cat once which always behaved badly after its owner came back from holidays - kind of 'punishing' him for going away. So perhaps a lot of attention from him might make them happier?

Also, clean up the piss and rub it with eucalyptus oil - they can smell it even if you can't and they'll keep marking if they can smell it.

Shame the vet can't give you a spray for dealing with feral three year olds!


just wanted to say how beautiful your designs are - the skirts are AMAZING and the fabrics you have chosen- you have really outdone yourself this time! I know you are worried about the cats but I think you also need to know how brilliant your work is! Great job and I hope to be lucky enough to buy one of your designs next time.


I've been lurking , enjoying your beautiful photography but now feel moved to comment based on your post.

We had/have dogs (I know.. not the same but..) who had lived happily for a number of years and then out of the blue suddenly chose to kill one another. To this day we don't know what triggered it. We tried everything-- we separated them, we tried supervised re-introduction, we had them desexed.

In the end we were beside ourselves, not knowing what to do..

...and my husband and I one night put them together in the kitchen. With a bucket of water aside. When they attacked each other he tossed the water over them (it was a cold Canberra winter!) and we both shouted at them at the top of our lungs.

The kitchen was temporarily trashed and it took a couple of goes.. but i think they got the message that they weren't at the top of the pack and they had to look to us.. not fight eachother.

I know cats aren't pack animals like dogs.. but perhaps its something to consider?

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