July 27, 2007



love love love the quilt - great job!


Yay, you got it down to 6!
The top 2 are the ones I would've selected, and the 3rd is very close to my #3.
It's a tough choice.


Your work is breathtaking! The colour combinations are devine and the detail is just wonderful - including the alphabet tape, your beautiful stitching and the toy tags. WOW!

Chara Michele

That is a lovely quilt!

Glad to hear that the spraying hasn't been repeated! I so hope that all the cat issues get resolved soon for your sake! Sending you good thoughts:)

Karen à Toronto

fantastic quilt - to bad i don't have a paypal account to bid on it in august.

good luck with your cats - hopefully the attention will work on your older one...hugs and kisses might do the trick..


Wow, amazing. A perfect combo of visual and tactile properties.


The quilt is beautiful! Nice to have something so tactile but also practical for a baby!


the quilt is so amazing. i am in awe and in love with it. it steals my breath whenever i look at it and i want to look at it again and again.

good luck with the cats. mine don't like each other either but it's never gotten like this. i hope it all works out.


well, that is just ridiculously gorgeous, alison! absolutely love that mustard yellow print - where is that from? oh, i am drooling over that (you might need a matching bib for the mother!) :)



Is that what it's called?

I've always wondered.

I still dream of more children sometimes, and of people like you making things like this for me, to celebrate.

It must be menopause approaching...


so lovely alison! i'm sure it will get great response at the one in ten auction.


hey, am I really going to be able to comment? (crazy Typepad) hope all is well with the fur babies... it does indeed sound like you have a senile four-legged in your home. And that awful child. I wonder if the parents will pay attention once their kid is in prison?
Your play quilt is amazing. I'll definately be watching to see the outcome. hadn't heard of 'One in Ten'... thanks for the head's up. I may want to kick in for the cause! Have a glorious day. Sadly, I shall spend it painting... again *groan* Cami



I have two dogs - sisters and just recently they too have been fighting more acutely than before - One drawing blood this time on the other - v. scary. We've tried behavioural things but when you have young ones its too hard to be consistent. The vet has told us that the attacker should either go on anti depressants (v. expensive) or put her down.

Different to cats I know but I feel what you are saying.

I really like your quilt.


lisa s

so love your details.

fingers crossed for you kitties too... XO


Love the quilt! Where do you find your large polka dot fabric? I notice you use it often and I just love its simplicity.


What a fascinating story about your cats! I have two cats myself, and I volunteer at the local Cats Protection Society, and I've never heard a similar story, not without some noticeable change (birth, death, or move). Keep us posted.

And it goes without saying, your quilt is amazing!

Emily S.

So glad to hear the cats are a little less up in arms!


that quilt is so, so stunning. love the colors, the tapes, the textures... all of it. perfect.


the quilt looks absolutely beautiful.


Love your work. So beautiful. I am taking notes from your lovely lovely work.


Wonderful use of color and fabric

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