June 23, 2007




michelle giacobello

Bring it on Alison - nice and slow.
You rock :)

teresa m

so clear. so honest.


I've said it before, but it's your honesty that keeps us coming back. Take care of you, Alison.


Well put


yep. i'm there.

baby No.3 (my darling boy, Darby North) is 2 weeks old today and next thursady I'm going back on my anti-anxiety pills.

The noise in my head is too great to shoo away, and I'm REALLY effing fed up with biting the heads off my other kids for being just who they are, and quite reasonable ones to boot.

I feel for you, with my own husband who sometimes goes for work, and my own extended family also 3 hours away.

I think the most important thing I keep in mind is that it is so unreasonable to expect mums to mother the way we do now. It is a collective job, not meant to occur in a small inner city home with just one or two adults.

It should be kids running with kids, and women actively assisting in each other's homes.

Since my own PND began 4 years ago with my first baby, I have learned to ask for help. I've also learned never to expect it, and that it can often come from the most perplexing places.

The hardest thing is getting my own mother to understand that my mental situation is a chemical imbalance, not just me being "tired and irrational".

I hope you have been in the sun today, I was, and I feel my bones are better for it :)


So happy to hear you're feeling better today - I can really relate to what you are going through right now but can see the sunshine appearing - looking forward to all it brings!


Glad Mr 6.5st is back, I find it very hard without the support of my husband. I go crazy without an adult to converse with/complain to! Happy Winter Solitice, you are right, the days are only going to get longer & warmer so things are looking up!

kim at allconsuming

You know, I read your last post and kept coming back to it time and time again. I didn't leave a comment because I've only just 'found' you and it just didn't feel right to do so.

And now here I am, leaving a comment but not really sure of what to say. If anything at all.

I guess just to let you know that you're heard.


...and here, in Canada, it's the summer solstice, with the days slowly getting shorter....
Enjoyed your entry today so much. And yes, it IS important to give a voice to it all!

Beth H

I feel like I'm there right now too. Seems as if every little thing strikes me to the core and I have to trudge through the day. It's happened before and it passes some how, but after reading your post I feel like I need to take an active role in the resolution.

Thank you so much for your honesty! and timing of this post!


Alison, Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. And I am glad that things are better.


I thought about commenting on the last post but I don't have kids and felt a little weird about empathizing. But I have felt the same way and I appreciate your honesty and sharing in both the last as well as this post. And I like hearing your voice--your thoughts. I'm glad you're doing better.


Glad to hear you are ok......I didn't realize you had experience with PND (assuming that is that same thing as PPD here in the States). I have battled severe depression since I was 15 (complicated by having my thyroid removed). Sometimes it sweeps over me from out of nowhere and other times I feel like it's ancient history. It's good to hear you face it head-on and are aware of the 'signs'.

Keep taking good care of yourself and your family!


Bravo - for telling it how it is and for your unique and treasured voice - you give so much, more than you know and I for one am truly grateful for your gift


Bravo - for telling it how it is and for your unique and treasured voice - you give so much, more than you know and I for one am truly grateful for your gift


Yes, Allison! Thank you so much for your bravery and honestly. So many people suffer from depression in silence. I would be very interested in learning about the treatment of depression with acunucture; I hate taking pills! Again, THANK YOU for speaking (blogging) out loud.


I'm glad that you're taking care of you. It's so important and yet so easy to put off, the taking care of mama. And I know how bleak things can get deep in the middle of winter. Hang in there and know that there are lots out here thinking about you.


breathe. the sun will shine more every day, greeting you and yours with the hope of what is yet to come. and there is much ahead for everyone. believe that. because it is so.

i've been there, as have so many of us. take it one day, one moment at a time if you need to and remember that the sun shines for us all. :-)

p.s. and the Etsy shop idea is stellar - it helped and inspired me to endulge my creativity and i wish that same magical feeling for you.


Glad to see that things are better and glad to see that you are taking care of yourself. I hear you about the kids and trying to make everything perfection. Sometimes, it doesn't happen, but when it does, life is beautiful.

Looking forward to your new burst of creativity. Take care.


as always, a beautiful post, bravo xxx

Miss Marzie

Alison, I have just read your post - well done for getting it all out. I know exactly what you are going through - my hubby is away alot and I have severe PND. My creativity has been my saviour - that is what has got me through along with my 'happy pills'. I always make time in my busy schedule to have a sewing day. I just love it and I come out feeling so refreshed.
Hope you feel better now that you have verbalised your feelings. Well done.


Excellent post. Thanks for taking the time and for your honesty.


alison, thank you. said many times before this comment and meant as truly as the others. i feel sometimes we blog our lives of craft/home/desire with a filter on our feelings to keep some things at bay. it is true no one reading sees you daily and it is good to know the posts aided in releasing some of the 'stuff'. it does help to know i am not alone in feelings of overwhelming/sleep dep/etc. in the mama-hood/life thing. and to remember it gets better.


your honesty is refreshing. i am sure there are many, many people who have been where you are and that this will help them immensely. thanks.

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