June 30, 2007



I don't suppose you could whip me up a little Girl Baby to buy them for?


The shop looks delightful...


Oh, everything is so lovely! (I linked to your shop on my blog...maybe one of my 3 readers will stop by, LOL)


Congratulations, Alison! Everything looks beautiful!


So exciting - I had to buy something! I love all of your work, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. :)




Congratulations! The shop looks awesome, and I'm sure that you will do well. Best of luck!


Congratulations - the scarves are so adorable! I wish I had money in my paypal account - damn bank is taking so long to process my payment!!

Mama Urchin

It's lovely.

Violet & Rose

Well done you! And I love that they are all hand "done". Hand done is gooder than the shops. And I see a few sales. That's got to put a smile on your face!


Just beautiful Alison.

cristina - string*THEORY

it looks great - congratulations!! when are you going to offer up that beautiful scarf in big kid sizes(as in...really big kid...like 30-year-old big-kids)?


Don't know when you are doing all this... but Congratulations, Alison!
Take care!


Congratulations and bon voyage on the etsy adventure.
I give it 24 hours before you're sold out :)


how bad am I wishing young Eli were a girl right now? The clothing is gorgeous, exactly the sort of stuff I tried (and failed) to find for Lilly and Maddie to wear when they were younger. You have created such pretties... put me on the growing list for a scarf; I don't want to be left out when your adoring fans start sporting them. I'll keep an eye on the shop, and perhaps start hunting a smallish girl to buy for. Alas, the newest babe in the family came out in the 'nutty-version', but he's just a darling , that nephew of mine! Cami


wow-I've been away for a week and you've been busy. Congratulations! the shop and goods look lovely.
I'm patiently waiting for some boy things...:)

simple me

congratulations on your new shop.
it looks really, really good...if I was a baby I would buy the polka dots coat for myself :)
...and I just noticed the simple me link on the side. thank you!


wow, you've sold more than half of your stuff in the first 24 hours. How exciting is that? And they are all going to homes were they will be cherished I'm sure. How fast can you re-stock?

Since you've gone through the etsy experience, do you have any advice for those who are yet to dip their toes in the water?


yay, so wonderful :) {keep an eye on your mail box this week, i'm finally catching up}


Also patiently waiting for boy things. Stylish boy things without camoflague motifs are rather difficult to come by.


Or even bigger sizes than 30 year oldish - how about 43 year oldish - very very beautiful - and congratulations on your shop - bluemountainsmary


Congratulations! And the best of luck and fortune as time goes by on your Etsy shop. I'm impresses and surtain that this will be a siccess!


I missed out!!!! Think I may even cry. Now I know you haven't spoken of socks in this post but you have before which is why I thought of you when I found this place
I hope I will check in at the right time next time you load up your Etsy shop


Congratulations - looks like you're doing well!


well done, alison. i have totally missed it as we were away for, like, 3 days!! wow - perhaps an etsy record?! look forward to seeing it next time. :)

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