June 28, 2007



Thank you so much for being so forthcoming. It has been a rough go of it here lately and your words have really helped. A lot. Even breaths indeed!


yay for the etsy shop! cannot wait to see it grow and flourish...

and yay for you as well, sometimes all you can do is breathe deeply.


Hooray for the 6.5st shop! I cannot wait to see all your wonderful handmade goodness!


Good on you! It takes guts to stop putting the pressure on ourselves and we can be our own worst enemies, so good on you for letting yourself take the (slightly-more) softly, softly approach to life.


Oh wow, congratulations on your etsy shop!!

and thanks for both the ups and downs..I think that we all appreciate hearing our own thoughts 'out loud'...it makes it seem less lonely.


Yipee! Sign me up to be one of the first to buy from your shop!

The transparency of variability in life is what keeps it real, fear of revealing that would only serve to further isolate feelings which ultimately, when pent up, do more harm than good. Honesty and openness allow us to get things out in the open, where we can see them for what they really are. I admire your continued willingness to do that here in this medium and allow all of us to glean from you.


Good going!

Now I just need a small person to dress . . .


congratulations on your etsy shop! glad you're going to dive in with it. i'm sure it will be a success.


Best of luck to you with your etsy shop!! Fabulous. I have no doubt that it will turn into a big success for you


take it from me Alison - this is going to be a fulfilling adventure, there is nothing as rewarding as having people buy the things that you have created all the way from an idea.
Thank you for being open, it is always a risk, but a necessary one at times in order to maintain one's integrity.


you rock!


fold tops looks especially fabulous - best of luck with your etsy shop. i am sure it will be a success like most everything you put your hand to. :)


Hey hobag - congrats.


I am so glad to see you posting in rapid succession. Yay, you. how much am I thinking it stinks that you aren't just down the road, so I could pop over and see the pretty things you're sewing and creating. Your own two hands and sheer will are all you need to begin, and that you have. If you get a minute, stop by. I posted a photo of the thing I have to 'breathe' through. Trying hard not to have a stroke with grand opening of shop only two weeks away... bah. Cami

michelle giacobello

Oh I got so excited thinking of all the things I could buy - for me. (Couldn't you make some grown up baby clothes?)

Can't wait to see what will be in there. No rush. You know we'll all be lining up patiently even if it takes a year. :)


ah! can't wait =)


dear ms. b...dumb question from a non-crafter ... is an obi scarf an adult scarf? and if so, how do i bags one!!!???


Good luck with the etsy shop, I'm sure it will be a huge success. Can't wait to see and buy stuff from it!

Also, I just wanted to say you are an inspiration to me!


Good luck with the etsy shop, I'm sure it will be a huge success. Can't wait to see and buy stuff from it!

Also, I just wanted to say you are an inspiration to me!

Mama Urchin

Can't wait to see the etsy shop. And breathing, I find sometimes when I just concentrate on that everything comes into focus so much better.


make me a swing coat in grey cashmere with that red dot lining...!

kidding, of course, but BOY! would i wear that!

congrats on taking the leap.

janet clare

Good luck on the shop! I intended to have an etsy shop open very soon after starting my blog (in April)but have been putting it off for no particularly good reason (nerves?)I have set myself an opening date and am getting my stock made now. Exciting and scary all at the same time. I wish you well.


Good for you that you don't wait anymore, that's the way to go,good luck with your etsy shop I'm sure it will be a succes,you make such wunderfull thing and you seem to put a lot of love in your items.



Already sold out! Congratulations, everything looks (or, looked) great!


parallel tracks here once more. the etsy collection looked beautiful. those swing coats + scarves are both so lovely and i assure you that when small girls eventually come forth from my womb, i hope to clothe them in 6.5st and uniform studio :)
your honesty, dear, is one of the many beautiful things about you.

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