April 26, 2007


michelle giacobello

Oh I so get you on that socks thing!

Every time I see a novelty sock on a child I go all cold inside and imagine they will turn into an accountant with a whacky sense of humour or a wife-beater.....

My husband buys our kids socks in Italy when he travels. They really understand how to make good socks - without awkward toe seams, and they wash and wash. We have almost given up the hunt here in Australia - although you can buy good ones on ebay on and off. There was one wonderful seller on there - but she's gone now.

What I wouldn't give for some plain red or grey socks for my daughter too. We need to wait until July!


Hi Alison,
I'm delurking, of all things, about socks! I also hate logo/character emblazoned socks (undies too). I"ve found red robin the best of a bad lot in Australia. We always get navy blue. At least they're plain and wear well, but are a bit on the thin side. Thanks for the link to the Hanne Falkenberg kits. I think I'll order 'linus' for my littlest. I'd be interested to know where you got the wool fabric in Sydney that you posted about a while back (if you can reveal your source!). Fabric selection in Queensland can be a bit grim and I am planning a visit to Sydney later in the year. Thanks for being a great read and inspiration.


Why do girls have to wear pink socks? Why can't I just buy 6 pairs of white (or gray, or blue) socks and be done with it.
There's at least four of us here who agree so there has got to be a market for it.


Just the other month I went to Gap to buy my son new socks. Upon his request I bought him two pairs of red and the husband asked why I bought him that color...- the rest were gray and blue (stuff to match his clothes)...
I've "recycled" his white baby socks for his sister--but of couse grandma LOVES to buy her "pink" socks.
That Hanne Falkenberg sweater is adorable.


What? No superhero socks?
You never know, when Max gets older he might rebel by wearing novelty ties!! ;)

And does it say more about me that I don't think the notion of dyeing white socks extreme, but sensible?

I found some verrry nice charcoal sock yarn today by the way...hee hee


don't get me started on the socks :) (maybe we should start a hand-dye sock shop...)


so, i live in the states, and i also live about 30 seconds from a gap. i could always just jaunt over there and pick up a bunch of socks (not pink!!!) and ship them out to whomever does not live near one that wants them. all i'd need is an e-mail with the colors, and the money paypal'd to me ...

feel free to shoot me an e-mail if any of you out here are interested. (robyn.charlesATgmailDOTcom)




Gap socks are the only ones that actually stay on their feet!

And I just love Caramel clothes, beautiful!


Do you have H&M in out neck of the woods? I found that they have the best boys socks here in Canada. We have superheros, sports or cars by the thousands, but same here... just not much nice plain stuff.


oh, alison! spot on with your sock dilemma... i only bought bonds anklets for my son and have again recycled for my daughter - only ones i could get to stay on. but enough with the hideous colours and character socks! i utterly LOATHE them... by the sounds of things, we definitely have a market for better quality and better colours. :)


I HATE kids socks with patterns! Try CottonOn (Kids), I buy plain navy or red socks there for my son.


oh I agree on socks! I spent absolutely ages picking them out for keira this winter as we won't be near a gap till july.....I love gap...I go crazy every time I go near it...I'm also totally in love with their babygap pj's ...they are truly the best!
love the little coat...oh and poor miss keira doesn't have any handknits that fit this winter...she's grown up too fast and I have so many projects on the go for me or others!
you do feel bad!


Robyn beat me to it, but I too live within a stones throw of a couples Gap stores and would be happy to help anyone stock up. Just send an email: faribanksfancygoods at gmail dot com

Great work on the little jacket Alison! I just love your thoughts on kids clothes...


repeating Robyn and Julie...Gap is close by and will except knee cap drawings for socks...


dyeing the socks sounds pretty sensible to me too, at this point... perhaps we are all crazy :)

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