April 13, 2007



I am happy you have found those little extra moments we all crave from time to time. Enjoy your weekend.


Sounds lovely. All of it.


a weekend away! Enjoy it:)
and I can't wait to see Collection #2 with the charcoal printed linen.


Oh yes, those are the exact books I saw at Kinokuniya last month! If I had a daughter I would have snatched those up! =)


I just bought those exact same two books in my last Yesasia order! I agree, the one on top is wonderful.


Oh, yum.

It all looks good enough to eat.


i'm just not game to click on those book links ;) hope you have had a lovely weekend xxx


ooo, precious! the weekend sans children, i mean!! i look forward to some appetite whetters from your new books, too...


A full night's sleep? Away from children? New Japanese books AND charcoal jersey? Oh man, I want your life ;-) Hope you are enjoying it!

Helen Shields

So had to comment on your blog today. I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading since our move at the beginning of February and I read you post for March 22 and could so empathize with you. I have three children, 6, 5 and 3 and a husband who is away alot, works long hours and then add a rather dappy welsh springer to the mix. In the process of moving I was looking forward to starting again in a new place, not loosing my old friends but being able to have some time to stop and do something for me without the quilt of keeping in touch and visiting friends. HA! we have been here almost three months, and I feel like my feet are spinning on the spot to! I am desperate to sit and design, to play and enjoy my fabric, paper and wood. To come up with new designs for my christmas range and actually get some stock done before November. All I seem to be doing is the school run, class assignments for the kids homework, make curtains and paint the new place, plant gardens (which I admit is pleasurable) but not the things which feed my soul. I love my kids dearly but am so fed up with the constant bickering, calls of MUmmy He/She did this or I want that. I would dearly love a week to myself but fear I might waste it because I have forgotten what it is to work without quilt of housework, family or fitting in to a new place. Oh boy, I am sure you didn't want to hear all that but thank you for making me realise that I am not alone and that making imaginary blogs and planning out new projects in my mind is not abnormal just motherhood!!!


I too had some relaxing time this weekend with friends to quilt, and understand how valuable it is to balance these things.

You are so creative in your work, and the posts you have here. Thanks for making me think!


hello! i love the books! would you be able to provide the isbn #'s? i can understand what i'm doing better on yesasia. thank you for sharing your beautiful creations!


i am so excited for that tantalizing bit of printed linen.
those little extra moments are so good... i know that feeling of a new book in particular, unwrapping as soon as it's out of the mailbox, and immediately calling a halt to all else as it is devoured. this one looks so good.

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