March 28, 2007



This is unfortunate--but an interesting contribution to Vessel Wednesday, nonetheless.

I remember breaking something precious of my mother's once. The fear inside me was ferocious, as I waited for her to find it (I hid it behind the couch and then I myself hid). It wasn't pretty when she found it, but she also made sure that I knew (after she had blown off steam) that she loved me more than the vase (obviously), so I guess it was an okay life lesson in the end.

Alicia A.

Oh no. That's a shame, but your photo is still lovely! How do you do that?!






Hmm I broke a Spode bowl of my mum's when I was four. She still mentions it now (I'm 31) and she claims to be a Buddhist with no material attachments, to be fair to her she did not shout about it at the time!


uh oh ...I'm glad my little one hasn't done anything like that....but they do like to suprise you and remind you they're little!!!!!!!! I must agree you make the photo look like its a piece of artwork


Glue it up -- glue the pieces back together (and if you don't think you have the right kind of glue, do some research and get yourself something that will work). And keep the vase, in it's newly imperfect form. Put dried flowers in it from time to time. And you'll always know its history, and that will just be a part of your family's history....


This happened to me too but on Thursday at Bronte with another 2 year old.
Broken items:
1)Victorian china hand and
2)Vintage dancing ballerina snow dome. Her glass dome smashed so now she dances to her wind up tune within a ring of jaggard glass.

I love how the wabi sabi aesthetic legitimises random acts of anarchy by small children.


I feel sad for you because I know how much you cherish beautiful things. However, when I broke a piece of glass as a child I understood for the first time how fragile and transient china and glass are and have loved them ever since - and very, very rarely break anything. My mother-in-law who collects antique china is very pragmatic when a piece of her collection is damaged. She shrugs her shoulders and says 'Oh well, I enjoyed it while it was here and now there is room for something else'. I must admit I haven't quite reached that stage of calmness about possessions but I try hard!

Emma Wilson


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