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February 20, 2007



Sounds like so much fun. Love your fabric selection. I need to get myself to Melbourne, I only live about an hour away, but sometimes that seems so far.


I am amazed they let you all into the shop at once. We have signs here on sweet shops saying 'no more than two children in the shop at a time' and I kind of imagine that the fifteen of you were like girls in a sweetshop!

Lovely fabrics.


Sandra has just bought a new Pfaff. Not a quilting or embroidery one, but it's so smooth to use. *Great* buttonholes.


Sounds like such fun and your new fabrics look gorgeous! I had heard about a Zakka shop in Melbourne but wasn't sure where it was - so thanks so much for the link, I might be able to go check it out next week :)


patchwork on central park is a favourite of mine too, what wonderful fabrics you have selected, can't wait to see glimpses of pia's new clothes... think i'll need to add zakkaya and amitie to my list for my next trip to melbourne!


Girl Can Shop.

You got that cashmere/wool blend WHERE?


I really need to go to Zakkaya, if for no other reason than for those rubber stamps. The AB and the Lecien fabric work really well together too. Looking forward to your next visit to Melbourne.

karen in toronto

love your fabrics, I can't wait to see what you're gonna make with them !

zakka shops ? pfff I am SO jealous ...;o)


You're killin' me -those fabrics, and those stamps...(which you didn't mention at all!) and that shop....which looks like it will have an online version soon -oh no.


sounds like so much fun... and you picked out dooseys. super jealous.... can't wait to see what you make!

austen gilliland

lovely fabrics...whooee! they're great!


Gosh sounds like so much fun!
I love the little stamp as well as your fabric choices.

Emily S.

Beautiful fabrics. I like the reds with the gray/neutrals.


It was a blast and I loved hanging out with my new best friend Pia :) she's a joy!


how fun! and look at all that fabric--


the meetup sounds like so much fun! and your new fabrics... ahhhh... love them all. the liberty prints, the wools. serious stash envy here.


You've got a great eye! Those are some beautiful finds.


just wanted to say how inspirational i found your blog. i am also an architect, home with 2 young children, love to do sewing and other craft-type stuff and it was lovely to find other people out there doing things that i like (and that i am not so very odd because of that!). i am giving the blog thing a little go to see if it will help me make more time to do craft things as i always feel under extreme time pressure... so, anyway, just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration.


sorry, struggling with the whole typepad/typekey thing - my blog is on this connection... not sure you want to look anyway but hey. Kirsten


I love it... How much fabric can 15 women buy?
Made me laugh out loud.


sounds like a blast! I LOVE the red white and gray combos. I've been looking all over for gray fabric. It's my new obsession. :)

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